Wednesday, August 17, 2011

25 meter swim!

My boy grew today!
Right before my eyes.
We ventured to a pool in our community.
You have to pass a swim test in order to swim all over without your mom being 10 feet away.  The swim test is 25 meters...without touching the bottom or the side. 
Charley did the front crawl on his first attempt.  The lifeguards were super impressed with how he rolled to breathe. 
About 5 feet from the end he panicked and the guard jumped in to save him.

The guard told him to come back in 10 minutes and try again.
This time Charley did it!
25 meters! 
It helped to have a cheering section of friends :)  Thanks G-girls!


shellycoulter said...

That's exciting! I had a similar feeling this month as Eli learned to ride his pedal bike in about 15 minutes. Now he and I can go on bike rides all over the place. It's pretty awesome to watch them learn these things. :)One of the few childhood memories I have is jumping off the diving board when I was probably about 6 and looking down at my mom and thinking "wow...she looks really really happy." Now I understand what I saw that day!
Way to go, Charley!

Danifred said...

Go Charley Go!

jessica said...

Love these pictures!


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