Sunday, July 17, 2011

We are now moms at the cottage

My mom uses the phrase, something like, "haha, it's my turn now." She says this when she has fun plans that she knows my sister and I would like to partake in but it just isn't the right time in our life right now for us...because we are in the trenches of motherhood in the early years. I say early years because my mom still is a mother - dealing with the drama that we still put her through with our phone calls and emails.  But she has more space and fills a majority of her time based on HER needs...not her children's. 

Now that my sister and I are moms we often wonder what mom was like. How we annoyed her daily and how we don't remember her being annoyed. So when my sister came across this picture we both smile ear to ear...because we often feel so guilty for how annoyed we get at our family and children. And we wonder if mom ever got annoyed. And this picture shows that she too got annoyed at her little miracles...even in the midst of a wonderful family vacation...dangling her toes off the dock with a book in hand.

So cheers to another week up north...the countdown has begun. And my go to gal who I love to hit up for a little therapy midweek during the annual "mom's midweek breakdown" won't be there. We will all miss you Colleen!

And by the mom still makes this face. HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE YOU!


Barb said...

Very very funny! And on the 'eve' of your birthday -- 35th no less, I'd be careful of what you post of other people! I was a real mom who cried every single year up at the cottage but also laughed, loved, craved sitting on the dock, and time to read "my" book. I no longer have that hat BUT I still do have those sunglasses and that beach towel. Who's bringing the sign that says "I need 'me' time"?

Raina and Andy said...

ahhahahahaha you stole my post sister sarah. very well written. it's just so funny that maybe 10 years ago i would have felt sad that I was so annoying. But now that I'm a mom, I realize that a mom gets annoyed with their little ones (or not even so little ones) no matter what/when/where. Sorry for that moment mom-i'm sure we were screaming and asking you to help us....hahahahah RR

jessica said...

fun post to read!


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