Monday, July 18, 2011

Proud Henry

A couple weeks ago we were all SO excited for Henry to participate in his first "big boy independent sport activity." I signed him up for two short tennis lessons. He talked all summer about going. But when it came time...he wouldn't leave my side. I had to pretty much have my hand on his back or racquet the entire time. It made me so sad for him. He is showing some social anxiety and it makes me worried for preschool this fall. He never warmed up at Tennis.

We have had Charley in swim lessons for many weeks this summer. Henry sits and watches with interest. The teachers at the swim school interact with Henry and he has started smiling when they give him attention. So we decided to do a little swim test to see how he would do. He cried and smiled about 50/50 of the ten minutes in the pool. So we went for it and signed him up.

And BOY HOWDY! We are so proud of him.

He conquered last week without tears. By Thursday he was asking if it was time to get in the pool. And all weekend he kept asking if he had swim lessons today. On Thursday he chatted with the teachers and gave high fives and kicked when she said kick. I love to see him happy, confident, and thriving. Proud of you buddy!  I hope he can enjoy the lake next week.  And I can't wait for Uncle Greg to get a peek!


The Tompkins Family said...

Every time I see your hair, I want to cut mine!

jessica said...

So proud of Henry! Love that he is having fun!

I also love seeing the pictures of you with him at tennis, wondering if Charley is taking pictures for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh...your pictures say a thousand words. :) I'm thinking he knew swimming would be a better option with this weather. Ha! Way to go, Henry!


Raina and Andy said...

cute post. henry will wonder about himself some day. he has such spark and fire...can't wait for a week with hank. e is asking hen-eee every day. RR


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