Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July picture recap

I think this will cover our Fourth of July festivities.  I got behind on my picture stuff.  But we had a fabulous fourth of July...our first as a family of five.  We made the journey north to spend it with Ed's family.  We did the parade.  We did the fireworks.  We had a bonfire.  We attempted sparklers.  We played games.  We walked the woods.  We slept well.  We ate fabulously.  We sipped wine.  We enjoyed our time to the max. 

Above:  Ed and his brother attempting sparklers..
Below:  Miss Sydney snoozed from about 8:00 all the way through the fireworks. blessed.

Above:  My attempt at a fireworks picture.
Below:  Our view while we wait the show.

Above:  Waiting like 2011 kids...playing angry birds.
Below:  Waiting like the old days...patient.

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Anonymous said...

Love the fireworks picture. The flag and boats are cool. Looks like a fun night out! Sydney is adorable in that sleeping picture. Fun cousin pics with Morgan!



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