Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May weekends...

May has been very special for me. My sister trekked here for two super fun weekends. So this month I have been able to hang out with her every other weekend. It was like we lived across town and it wasn't a big deal. Even though, I know the 6-7 hour car ride was a BIG deal. Thanks Raina for doing it. But this little guy - I think he now knows that coming to Aunt Sarah's causes smiles like this:

And leaving Aunt Sarah's causes this:

But when he is here he is totally in his own world playing with trains.

This first weekend that they visited they were lucky to road trip with best friends.  My sister's friend Peggy, and I now totally consider her a friend, came along.  She brought her daughter.  Peggy reads my blog so I had a little anxiety since she knows EVERYTHING about me and I only know a wee bit about her.  But it was such a fun weekend and we had lots of good chats, shared a bottle of wine or two, let the kids play play play, and just got to "be" together like they lived down the street.  I am looking to have them return again this fall!  Are you two in?

Peggy and Raina are great friends and you can tell that Lily and Eli are on their way to being life long buddies too.  Looks like road tripping together just works for them.

The kids were all different at all different ages and stages but they blended well.
Played great.
And it made for a great weekend. 


Danifred said...

Everyone certainly looks like they had an amazing time!

Barb said...

Sarah - you are the best hostess!

Anonymous said...

I'm giggling as I read this post. I remember it was maybe right after Charley was born...Raina was in town, and I'm pretty sure it was Peggy with her??. We all met up at my house, got our girly primping on, and then went out on Grand Ave. Fast have 3 kids and we all have one. Time flies!


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

awww...sarah, yes we truly are friends!!
i had such a blast and you were so welcoming. i felt at ease in what i'm sure you were thinking was "your chaos." it was perfect! i'd love love LOVE to come again!!
lily looks SO different to me in that shot!!


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