Monday, June 27, 2011

Last week Miss Sydney hit the 5 month mark. I celebrated by attending a wine tasting with my neighbor...kind of a tradition. For some reason I was emotional about leaving her that evening...Ed shook his head and said, "Sarah, it is only 2 hours." So the eyeliner was applied and off I went.

The next morning I found myself in a panic when Miss Sydney's face and body quickly became a mess of rash. I had no idea what could have caused it so we raced to the doc...tears might have been shed. The boys were just as worried.

Embarrassingly, I had to admit to the wine tasting and the midnight nursing (Which the doc was fine with by the way). He assumes that she is allergic to the grape skin in the red wine. Yes, you can present me with the mom of the year award. I will take it.

She was still under 15 pounds! She is still my peanut girl who might be teething. A little Tylenol the last few days has seemed to calm her but in my arms is her desire and that works...until it is too much and then my friend drops everything, including her 2 month old to come and save my day and give me a break.

Solo parenting at it's glory. What I wouldn't give to have family down the street. But good friends stop by to do a little holding and others who drop off chocolate make everything better.

On a side note, I am worried about Henry's teeth and he knows it and jumps to brush his teeth whenever I ask. This morning he told Charley if he didn't brush his teeth he would get activities. 3 year olds...figuring out the world. Love this.

Miss Sydney has been sleeping through the night since like...2 months. Unbelievable. But now I am used to it. I count on that. And with the rolling waking her up. And whatever else she is dealing with...teeth or what...the every 2 hour wakings is making me loony. Little need to sleep. You aren't your happy self...sleep my girl.

On a side note..Charley is a reader. He is picking up books I didn't think he would get through and reading them. He is reading me type over my shoulder. He is loving the summer reading program. His world is expanding by the second.

Miss Sydney loves her exosaucer. Her eyebrows do little things that show she is taking the world in and reacting. She chimes in with her thoughts and has gone from high pitched squealing two weeks ago to a more low vibrato happy sound. Each week she just seems so different.

Her hair is getting too long to stand on end. It is making me sad. I love her girlie crew cut. But we will continue to love seeing her get more and more beautiful in her own way. After being at my mom and dads for a week...when we returned and Ed picked her up and walked around with once again hit me...I may have missed him while we were apart...but he was right there all along in his little girls face. She is very much her daddy.

I hate living life feeling like I am surviving. Getting through a day or a stage or a chunk of time. But the thing that I am reminding myself is that survival is for now getting Sydney back to her happy sleeping place. And it is all about making it til Wednesday. When life resumes as a happy family of five. All of us looking forward to our roadtrip up north next weekend. Which is another cause of anxiety - I want Sydney to be back to herself for the drive, the sleeping, the excitement, and for my sanity. It is hard enough dealing with a crabby baby in the comforts of your own home. Although, the next best place would be in the northwoods at Grandmas, so we'll be okay.


-focus on the kids and just doing what is needed (Holding Miss Sydney, Library for Charley, and of course a piece of candy for our candy loving Hankers)
-Put a little treat in the mail for a loved Great Grandma in our lives.
-It is Monday. The sun is shining. It is summer. GO!


The Tompkins Family said...

I'm trying reeeeeeally hard to feel bad for you that you're back to night wakeups. No, seriously. I'm trying SOOOOO hard. ;)

I know it sucks though. Or, at least, I imagine it would suck. When you're used to things, that just becomes your norm so anything that makes it worse just feels a bazillion times harder.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that it took 5 months to realize she's allergic to the grape skin. Wink, wink. ;)


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Hate me for laughing at the wine rash...poor thing! That is SO something that would happen to me...that's why I laugh.

She is just adorable.


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