Thursday, June 30, 2011

June flittered by quickly...

Thursday has arrived.  The last day of June.
Daddy has returned. 
He left on Sunday before the parade...and was gone until Wednesday for dinner.
Maybe short compared to some dads that travel...but for this mama...that pushed me.  It challenged me.  And we survived.  

Today is a full day.  And it is supposed to reach 100 degrees this afternoon.  There is already a bit of heavy humidity out there.  We were up and at'em for Charley's tennis at 8 am this morning. 

Then we dropped him off at his park program...raced home to get Syd down for a quick cat nap.  Then off to pick him up so we can attend a party at the local library - celebrating some of our favorite books these days...The Magic Tree House Series.  That's where it's at with my boys as they drift off to sleep. 

Summer is trucking along here.  This last day of June weighs heavy on my shoulders today.  It is my grandpa's birthday and I wish I could pop in for a long hug with the fellow.  But instead we will make a call, send off a card...and hope that he has a happy day.  I also have a bit of anxiety that our first month of summer is over.  For me August is Back to School month..and even though it hasn't had me returning to the classroom early to get ready for the school year ahead for a few good body clock says...summer is down to only one month left.  So I am trying to focus that there are still 2 FULL months ahead of us...ready to be filled with exciting adventures...but also moments like this...

When daddy finds a ENORMOUS butterfly.  We all gaze in wonder.

The next day it inspires mama to get off her lazy rump and get down on her knees and get her kneecaps and hands full of chalk while going BIG with her chalk art.

Which inspires her now first grade son

 to go bigger....using symmetry!

Stay cool today folks.
Buzz around a wee bit in the air conditioned car.
Go to a movie or eat a leisurely lunch at a kid friendly establishment...
Spend the afternoon at the pool.
Or lay together as a tribe on mama and daddy's bed with the ceiling fan cooling you while you indulge in a little PBS cartoon time.

I plan to get my workout on when I sit on my arse at Charley's swim lesson..I figure I will sweat my body's weight in water during that chunk of time. 

Latte consumed.
Sunscreen applied.
Comfy nursing friendly dress on.
Water bottles with ice today - lucky boys.
And we're off! 

*swim lessons
*cake baking
*and hoping for another night where Miss Syd only wakes 2 times!  Yes folks...I caught her zonked out comfortably on her belly last night...this phase of rolling and waking...might be coming to an end.  Or maybe it is just catching up to her like it is catching up with me. 

And did I share that I can now hike Miss Sydney on my hip and tote her around like a sack of flower...and this is what she is loving these see the action...and to feel she is in charge...since she is in the bosses arms. 

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