Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grace in Small things...on a Thursday morning

1. Positive pregnancy tests...not for me! Just for those who were hoping!

2. Nonfat coconut Latte - no foam.  Found a mystery Starbucks gift card in my wallet..I think it was a Xmas present from the boys.  A serious treat those gift cards to the coffee places. 

3. Tennis lessons in the rain - at a park where mama and the littlest two in the tribe can hang out in the van. Which means that the van and all the space is also a blessing this morning.

4. A better day today than yesterday. I know it. For me. For my sister. For everyone.

5. We have had a lot of rain this week - but honestly, sleeping to the rhythm of the rain, a hot morning coffee, sweat pants, lamps, and maybe some banana bread baking - are all that much more I am going to embrace it. Grace for the lower water bill this month since the lawn will be a vibrant green without the sprinklers!

* IPhone...I know it sometimes means I am plugged in too much but sitting in the van this morning for an hour ...I was able to email to set up carpool and Henry was entertained with Angry Birds. 

** Bonus - the cooler temperatures today mean that Sydney gets to wear a little pink Adidas leisure suit that Peggy lent us. It fits her waiting for the cool fall temps would have meant we would have missed out. Serious cuteness going on here today.  Thanks PW.


8 am tennis in the rain
Play date with Henry's infamous Jack.
A little wine tasting with my neighbor Kirsten (that rhymes with Beer-stin).
Maybe a grocery shopping extravaganza with a full tribe of tinies. 


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Awesome! So happy she is rocking the sporty look! That was one of my favs!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I often marvel at how useful these phones are...I get so much done that I never would have before! Plus, I can do things right when I think of them rather than forgetting completely! Great post...and YAY for positive pregnancy tests!

Laura said...

Oh I want and very much...


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