Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeding the soul...

Yesterday I turned in all my stuff needed to continue to hold a teaching license...feels good to have that tucked into my back pocket.  Walking through my old school the rumors started flying, the whispering began, "Is she coming back?"  My heart felt heavy walking through school.  The excitement of the school year ending.  The friends I have lost touch with - their teacher voices proclaiming the end of the day routines with their classes circled up, all a buzz with the chaos that comes with 25-30 individual thinkers all trying to get out the door on time. 

I also finished filling out and rolling the Kindergarten certificates...I think there were 80.  It didn't take long with the casual chit chat and help from a friend.  Thanks Lynelle.

Last night I kept the boys up a wee bit later so they could see their daddy - since he is working really hard these days.  We sat at the kitchen table dreaming about all that we want to fit into our summer.  The excitement was ...well, exciting. 

So today...with those things off my list we will begin checking things off our summer bucket list.  The first to go would have to be getting caught in a thunderstorm.  Even though Sydney is sooooo sweet, I would like to inform you all that she didn't melt!  yipee!  We got caught on our journey home from walking Charley to school.  Feeding the soul - a mama wearing her baby while grasping her 3 year old's hand...hustling while the sky opened up and down poured and rumbled a tiny bit.

Second thing to be checked off the bucket list....the infamous sprinkler park.  Hoping for a successful first summer outing that involves gobs of sunscreen, snacks, slippery playground equipment, wet bottoms, public bathrooms, all while keeping a four month old out of the sun during high sun time.  I don't doubt it will be great because we are joined by two great friends and their little ones. 

I know summer hasn't officially started here but heck, it is June and Henry is done with school.  So hip hip hooray for summer! 

Cheers!  Happy Friday.  I have some quiet evenings ahead.  Hoping to continue to blog.  Also feeds my soul. 

What will feed your soul this HOT and HUMID Friday?

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Barb said...

Shopped and lunched with two good friends from Sheboygan and caught up about all of our children and grandchildren - sharing photos - brag brag! Tonight a couple are joining us for a fish fry, to discuss Badger football games, and they'll sleep over - the guys to fish in the a.m. and weather permitting, us gals will walk along the lake and hope to find the guys. Happy TGIF to you all. Hope you guys check off all of your summer dreams on that list. Can't the horse races be one? How about playing Catch Phrase around your picnic table?


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