Friday, June 24, 2011

Can WE handle this responsibility?

On Monday we crossed off one of our Summer Bucket List ideas. We ventured to our public library and signed the boys up for the summer reading program. Both boys got to sign up. Charley FINALLY got to be in the big kid program. He is pretty jazzed to get reading. Henry is very proud to be doing it to this year.

We did another BIG thing. Charley got his own library card. He was so serious. He talked to the librarian. Signed his card. Chose two books (my limit) and checked them out at the self check out.

I am nervous about this. I have a hard enough time returning books on time. Now to keep track of two cards. So for now, Charley can check out 2 books with his card. YAY Charley!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

how fun for him!

Lynelle said...

Elly got a card this year too. Now I have 3 cards to watch over.

Barb said...

So so special that Charley got his own card, seriously!
"White wine forever!"

Amber_D said...

I can't tell you how many library books we now own because I cannot remember to return them or keep up with them. I'm surprised they still let us set foot in that building.

I think I'm going to steal your idea of a two book limit!

Crystal said...

So cute! Peyton was asking about a library card the other day but I think I am going to wait until he's 5 (in September) to make it more of a big deal and big boy type thing. Love the limit idea - I feel like we have a million library books floating around this house!


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