Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spend time with in laws - Lose a turn!

 So did that title get your attention.

I had to laugh because Charley played the game Life this weekend with his daddy and his Grandma and on one of the board spots it said. "Spent time with in-laws. Lose a turn!" I happened to be sitting right there and since I was at my in-laws I laughed and said, I know how that is.   But I couldn't disagree more. Spending time up north at my in-laws is always a joy. Relaxing and good for the soul.

I can prove that I love it because Ed had offered to take the boys with him for fishing opener, which happens to be mother's day weekend. Ed's mom said she would gladly care for them while Ed fished; giving me some one on one girl time with Sydney and a little quiet time to myself. And to many friends they couldn't believe I even considered going with. But I did. I went. And it was good.

Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Sydney slept great. She is now consistently sleeping through the night 7:30-8:30. Seriously. Flabbergasted at this predicament we are in. I call it a predicament because I honestly would not mind a little night time feeding - just one.

The boys tromped through the woods and picked me flowers.

Ed brought his mom and I yummy coffees on Sunday after a morning of fishing. I ventured to a bakery and got us some yummy treats. I didn't take a picture. dumb. They were beautiful and tasty.

We leisurely left around 2 and had a good 4 hour drive home. But Sydney was awake and didn't make a peep the whole ride. Henry - he peeped enough for all of us. He is like I was when I was little...never slept in the car. Afraid I would miss something. We stopped and had dinner out and then it was bedtime when we got home. It was a nice day. My mother's day gift this year was some RAM for my laptop. This baby now has 4gb instead of just 1. So things will be moving a little quicker - making this mama happier.

And the most treasured thing this mother's day. Ed took my camera, without asking and snapped a picture of me. Let me tell you though...he didn't take just one. His thrill is to snap so fast and so furious. And later he loves to sit next to me and giggle at the last 10 pictures where I am walking towards him cursing him for acting like he is at a magazine photo shoot. The last 10 pictures are really quite unattractive and comical. And he takes great pride in these. They won't be seen on this here blog anytime soon :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day. I love hearing what other mom's chose to do and what gifts they receive.


Anonymous said...

I'm so so so glad ed took some pictures and they turned out great. i can't believe what a BOY charley is. there is no baby left in him. Syd is of course adorable and henry and his tongue!!! great pics. thought you had your nails done in one...but i think it's a bandaid right? haha. great post. i can smell the up north and the yummy breakfast. RR

April said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mothers Day! I am glad you went with them to visit, because we are not close to in-laws I think it's so important to spend the time! Plus, look at the scenery!!! You are so blessed :)
can't believe that Sydney is sleeping though the night. Can I have some help :) Mollie is like every 2-3 hours :(

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures of you and your babies. :) Sounds like a perfect weekend!


Danifred said...

Love that Ed stole the camera for a bit. It's good to see your face :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That game piece cracks me up! It rings true in my case!

Love love love these pictures!


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