Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just sayin'

When your last resort chocolate stash is a giant bag of chocolate chips...and that bag leaves you with only two small end up with one cranky mama....just sayin'

Rough afternoon for me. So I put on a movie. Can someone tell me why my boys can watch Star Wars episode 4 (the original) without a problem. But put on the Curious George 2 movie and both are shaking in their shoes....I am one confused mama...just sayin'

The laundry is never done and right now it is piled so high on the couch that if anyone pulls one sock out of the pile the whole thing is comin' down. It is kind of hilarious how high the pile is...slightly starting to become a challenge - how tall can I get it...just sayin'

If you could tell me one household chore that you know you should do more often but you tend to put it off...what would it be? I just want to know that I'm normal...or not...just sayin'

My boys are into dressing up in their superhero costumes before heading out to ride bikes. Charley puts on a spider man costume (minus the head mask because that would be unsafe) and Henry puts on his Super H cape. It is darn cute...just sayin'

It is Wednesday and this is my hardest day of the week. But man, when this day is over it makes the week seem like it has gone so fast. And this week could stand to go a little faster because my sister is coming for a visit this weekend. Just sayin'


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I had to smile when I read about your laundry pile. My couch probably looks just about the same right now. And if there was one chore that could stand to be done more often around here it would probably be the kitchen. The sink in this house is rarely empty and if it is it only lasts 5 mins. It takes the counters getting cluttered where I can hardly prepare a meal that gets me to break down and wash dishes. I must have too many dishes. Maybe if I get rid of some I'd do it more often. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...things I put off for too long.

1. The top of the fridge. My goal is to see how tall I can make the mess.
2. Sorting and tossing mail.


Roz said...

I look forward to reading your blog...sometimes I feel like we lead similar lives. I had to laugh at the bag of chocolate chips...been there done that. ha! Laundry is a constant battle. I've had a taste of folding one load a day and keep telling myself...see? how easy that is and then I'm never swamped by it...but then I blink and I'm looking at giant sectional couch overflowing with basket of basket of clean clothing just waiting to be folded...

sarah said...

the weather is too nice to be inside doing laundry! just sayin'! and somehow it keeps piling up and those kids really know how to get things dirty:) i am so looking forward to swimsuit and sprinkler days.

Jenner said...

My sink is always full of dishes. And I do them! I HATE doing them, but I do them once a day. But when I prepare a meal, I use every pot and pan in the house. What I wouldn't give for a dishwasher, I am telling you.

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! Laundry isn't a problem for me, most weeks. I wash it all in the same day and fold and put it away once everything is clean, late in the day. And nowadays I can get my girls to put their own laundry away. bonus!!
I have the hardest time with the's been on my to-do list all week and it is Thursday already and still no clean bathrooms.



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