Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Infamous ....Jack!

Many of you "real life" friends and family who have spent time with us in the last few months know that Henry talks about his buddy "Jack" a whole heck of a lot.  You see, Charley has two good friends at school named Jack and Ben.  Charley talks about them and has had them over to our house to play.  Henry also has two boys in his class, Jack and Ben.  And just like Charley he started talking about Jack a whole bunch after Christmas. 

During Henry's class there was no interaction with Jack because Jack is 4 and pretty quiet.  And Henry is pretty shy yet.  Henry would watch Jack.  You could tell he wanted to be friends with Jack but if I tried to help him connect with Jack, well, Henry would just kind of slink behind me and hide. 

However, at home Henry confidently tells us all, random facts about Jack.  (Jack has a superman bank too.  Jack's birthday is in October.  Jack doesn't like blueberries too.  That looks like Jack's car.)   At first I wondered if he really knew all these things - maybe they talked during gym time when I wasn't there.  But then it got to be such odd facts that I knew he was making it up.  (Jack is watching this movie right now too.  Jack is going to Grandma Barbs too.  I saw Jack's room.  Jack has that toy.)  Jack became more of an imaginary friend. 

So recently I asked his teacher if she could try and connect them during the teacher separation class because I had made a playdate the following day and it would be nice if they would know of each other.  She said it took 2 minutes and they were off.  And ever since he is out the door 20 minutes before it is time to go to class because he said, in his own words, "I Can't wait to play with my Jack.  I love Jack." 

Jack has come over to play with his mom and sister.  And recently we ventured to the zoo for the morning with Jack and his family and another fun family in our class.  Henry was in heaven.  You can see it in his happy cheeks.

He is so proud to have his first friend of his own making.  Henry is blessed with many good friends, but they have all come into his life because of Charley or because of mama friend connections.  This buddy Jack is someone Henry knows, and Charley hasn't met yet.  This is Henry's friend. 

Another amazing fact that once again proves what a kind big brother Charley is.....when Charley comes home and tells us something interesting about one of his friends, then Henry has to pipe in and tell some exaggerated very unlikely fact about his friend Jack.  And the coolest thing...Charley listens and nods but never says anything about it being untrue.  Sometimes he looks over at me with a little grin and shakes his head but he has NEVER made Henry feel silly about his stories. 

Here are a few shots from our recent zoo outing.  I know that some of you have been curious if this little Jack really exists.  Here he is...

And let's not forget Miss Sydney.  She is along for the ride...along with mama's latte.

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