Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am SUPERMama...hear me roar

 This is one of those fabulous pictures that Ed snapped.  Gotta love him!

I pride myself on my ass. Not by how it looks in jeans. NOT. AT. ALL. But rather I take pride in my ability to pull things out of my ass to survive and thrive. Yes. I do believe I have a talent for thinking up simple, creative, spur of the moment ways to spend our time or solve little parenting issues that arise. Can I fit in exercise? No. Can I scrapbook or quilt? No. Can I diet or deprive myself of something unhealthy with the goal of losing weight? No.

But can I come up with 10 different ways your child can practice sight words. I am your gal. My ass is full of them. Need some creative way to use an egg carton.  Have a rainy afternoon with nothing to do....I do believe brainstorming with me might give you some things to try. And recently, since having a third child, I have had to be creative with surviving three.

When I am flying solo this is when I rely on my ass the most. Lately, Ed has had to work late and I have had to put all three to bed on my own. Not a big deal if their bedtimes were staggered. But in our house, all three are ready around 7:00 pm. And to be honest, I am ready for them all to be in bed so I can be "done."

So this is the solution that is working slick here these days. When I have all three we all head up. Sydney lays and kicks in her crib while gazing at her mobile. Boys get pjs on and brush teeth. While they pick books to read I get Sydney in her pjs. Then I tuck Charley and Henry in. Now here are the fireworks to this whole ass kicking idea...I swap the baby monitors so that one is in the boys room and I read so that the one is Sydney's room picks up my voice. So basically, I read as if I am on an intercom. So the boys lay, curled up, cozy, in their beds. And I nurse Sydney while reading slowly and calmly over the baby monitor. ALL THREE are usually sleeping by 7:40...unless daddy calls and gets Henry all perturbed that I am not getting up to answer the phone. Then we have a few extra minutes of reading to do.

**Please note that the whole supermama thing is a joke.  I do not in anyway think that I am a supermama.  However, this idea does work for us and I must admit to feeling very proud and almost magical when I walk downstairs and all three are sleeping and I survived flying solo one more time. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea with the reading to all 3 over the monitor - you are a supermama in my eyes!!! Love the picture too! Jamie Trampe

Danifred said...

Reading on the baby monitor- genius!

Jenner said...

LOVE the photo! You really are Super Mom! Share some of your ideas for activities!! It's rainy here and the peapod is stircrazy because we can't go outdoors.

April said...

So funny!!!
You have awesome creative ways of dealing with these situations :)

jessica said...

Love the picture!

I wish I would have had that trick for putting the kids to bed when Charley was born!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Love it!



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