Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey Mamas

This song is seriously GREAT and I am thinking it might be my summer song. 
It just might make cleaning toilets fun!  Seriously.  Give it a listen.

Hey Mamas,

It is Friday! Yes it is.

And you deserve to have a wonderful three day weekend.
Whether it be chillin' at home with your immediates.
Hosting a houseful of family or friends.
Road tripping it with the car packed and stacked.
Or working when the office is a wee bit more quiet and you can get more done (that would be what the love of my life is going to be doing and oh, how I am craving for this crazy time to be over for him).

While he is doing his thing though we are hosting my family here.
We will have tents pupped in the basement or outside.
Children will be shuffled about to make room for others whom we love dearly.
And the food will be enjoyed, the wine poured, the beer cooler always stocked, and the games will be played....and maybe a little horse race money will be worn. Oh and trains...there will be some serious train playing going on with our cousin Eli.

This culminates the last full week of Kindergarten in our house. We have two short weeks left. And I am anticipating the morning of the 10th when we don't have to get out of the house at any particular time. As I listen to that song up above I have some serious confidence revving through my body saying - YOU GO MAMA! You pack up that crew of littles and trek the 6 hours to my parents for a week of fun. Summer is just around the corner.

Boys hairs cut.
Mama's bangs trimmed.
Sydney's diaper changed.
Fridge stocked - mostly.
Wine glass sitting ready to be filled - just as soon as I finish making guest beds cozy.

Can't wait! Make it a Memory-filled Memorial Day weekend.

Love to you and yours....


Colleen said...

Been thinking about you all ALL weekend. Hoping good times, laughter, winnings, beverages, and rest is had by all!!!!!!!!!!!! Colleen

Barb said...

We had a fantastic family weekend! Thank you all for everything.

Shell said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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