Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's up?

1. I love when I take Sydney up for bedtime or nap time. And I lay her down in her crib to swaddle her. I turn off the light after I lay her down - before I swaddle her. Then I come over and lean over to swaddle and her eyes are SO big and I can tell she is thinking, "What is going on? Why is it so dark all of a sudden? What's going on?" And then I lean over her and she smiles big, eyes still huge, and her feet start kicking so wildly. Love it! Then we settle in to nurse and off she goes to dreamland. I know, I know, I should put her down awake - but you know what...I love it. It works. It worked for the boys. And they aren't ruined. So we're goin' with it.

2. I just popped my boys some microwave popcorn and they didn't like it. It was a buttery kind. Love that they prefer my stove top real stuff instead. Kind of like my homemade mac and cheese over the whole Kraft thing. Makes the extra work worth it.

3. We had a super play date with some new friends recently. Henry was in pure heaven finally having the Jack that he tells us about over. Having someone new over for a play date ( mom and kids) reminds me how much I appreciate the regular pop in friends that I have. You know, the ones you don't feel anxiety over the quiet moments, the messy bathroom, or the couch piled in laundry and the counter covered in dirty dishes. Make new friends but relish the ease of the old.

4. Do you have a friend that you email mid afternoon to see how they are doing? Lucky. Do you have a friend who you call or calls you for a mid afternoon check in? Blessed. Do you have a sister you can vent with and you know that you will get an upbeat booster email back?

I have these, and lately, I am so grateful.

5. Do you ever get caught up realizing that life is good and forget to enjoy it because you are so worried about when the shit is going to hit the fan? I do. And lately, it has started to take over my thoughts and I am trying really hard to push those anxious thoughts down. Life is good. Even if you have had some little stumbles or hiccups lately. Life is good.

6. This week we tried making won ton wrap ravioli. Last night we had homemade pizza. Charley eats the same size dinner salad with his meals lately. Love this. He also eats his salad first.

7. Henry got to sit in the back row of seats in our van on the way to Aunt Katy's for Easter. I heard him exclaim, mid-ride, "This is the best day ever, because I get to ride in the back. Woo hoo!" That night before bed he said, "This is the best day ever because we are at Aunt Katy's." I am so glad that he is having best days lately!

8. Summer anxiety? Anyone? Anyone? I've got it. Lots of fun but also lots of time to fill. It will be good. I just need to put a little thought into our routine.

9. I love wearing black cozy pants. Especially on rainy days.

10. Anyone else have an earthworm invasion in your yard. Talking with another mom, I am realizing that parts of our yard might be looking more muddy than normal due to the little squigglers. What to do? What to do?

11. Sydney has started napping in her crib. I have caught her rubbing her eyes during the day. I quickly swaddle her up and nurse her and out she goes. The last two days have been blessed with two hour naps up in her room. You go girl! She is still sleeping 7:30-3am and then 3:15 til 6:30 and then 6:30- 8:30am. SO blessed.

12. I need someone who likes Lattes to come over so I can make you one and you can give me feedback. I know that as long as I like them I am good. But I would really, honestly, like to know if what I am making is at all good.

13. I have been watching Oprah in the evening. She has like 20 some episodes left before she is all done. The other night I gazed sadly at Ed and said that I think that I am going to regret not making the effort to see her show live. I really do. I think someday I am going to look back and it is going to be one of my regrets in life. He tipped his head and said, "Sorry." Ha! I told him I didn't expect him to write her daily to tell her what an awesome mom or wife I am and how I deserve a mommy make over or invite to her Favorite Things episode. haha! But seriously, I love that he got it and doesn't make fun of me for my thoughts and feelings.

14. I accidentally bought the wrong kind of laundry detergent. It isn't the front load kind. So it doesn't work in our machine. Dumb. At least I know I will never do that again.

15. When you are forced to be a "super single mama" for a short span because your husband travels - how do you survive? How do you prepare?

16. Another dreary day here. But we have cozied in and have no where to be. Tomorrow it is supposed to be drastically different - weather wise. So we will save our grocery shop until then. Happy Thursday afternoon!


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

#4 - I always think about calling friends in the afternoon but then wonder if they will be busy and then don't pick up the phone, silly.

#5 - I have had hiccups as of late, although I still feel like life is good. Probably not acting much like it.

#8 - So ready for summer and summer weather. I am ready not to have homework to keep track of doing nightly.

#13 - Had a similar thought about this last week. My mom and sister saw her a few years ago, wish I would have gone.

#15 - Single mom currently - Think it is easier for me once he's gone, rather than right before he leaves, I get to be a grump, hate that.

shellycoulter said...

Do you have an e-version of your homemade mac n cheese?

If only you lived in Wyoming...I would gladly come drink a latte at your house while our boys played! :)

I'm a scheduler...So that's what I do when I parent solo for a few days. I usually try to plan a special outing and a special in house activity. Like last time Matt was gone for two days for school, I turned the kitchen table into a tent with blankets, which occupied them while I cooked...and then we ate the dinner under the table, which was in the tent. :) Just something fun to keep them extra happy since I don't have the parenting back-up during the evening hours when my patience is lacking. It is definitely a mental game. Although, when I know its just me for a few days...I actually seem to be more patient. Weird!

The Tompkins Family said...

Samara has never had cake from a cake mix before because I really enjoy baking from scratch. We went to a birthday party on Monday where the cake came from a box. She ate one bite and declared herself all done. It may have been a coincidence but I felt pretty proud of my baking because she has NEVER turned down dessert when I make it! :)


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