Wednesday, April 13, 2011's Wednesday

It has been a revolving door of kiddos today. A friend is having a baby and so I had her daughter after kindergarten 12-4 for the afternoon. I am now watching another little girl on Wednesday afternoons 12-3 for a couple hours. And two days a week for a bit I am watching two older girls Mondays and WEdnesdays from 4-5:15. Dreaming up what we will do with the extra teeny bit of cash that I am earning.

It was cooler and dreary today - but honestly, my boys needed a break from the sun and outdoor play. Last night was pretty hard here. The boys were falling apart over the tiniest things. Charley actually slept until close to 8 o'clock this morning. And both boys wet the bed - probably because they were sleeping so hard.

Henry had his class today and he was a little more social during it. He chatted with his teacher and sang a bit during the circle time. Sydney was awake for the whole class and loved being held by a few of the teachers so I could do things with Henry.

This week, so far, I have made a new beef stroganoff recipe and a pork chop recipe. I still have a meatloaf recipe to try. I have never made one of those. But tonight, Ed is bringing home our favorite...Chipotle.

Modern Family is new. I will be anxiously awaiting that 30 minutes of my life. I think I will enjoy a glass of wine too.

After my mom visited for a week a couple weeks ago she sent me a card with two coffee shop gift cards. Saying something about deserving a treat or a break during the day. I waited and waited to use it thinking it would be for a fun yummy coffee...but both cards were enough that I can return a few times. Such a treat. Thanks Mom!

Lamp shopping proved to be unsuccessful this past weekend. I did go - with just Miss Sydney...and then we went as an entire family. No luck so far.

I am awaiting baby news. A best mommy friend is in the throws of labor as I type this. I can't wait to find out what they named it. I know it is a boy. EEEK! He is going to be adored by two very excited big sisters!

Basement - I. LOVE. YOU.

Chocolate - I. NEED. YOU.

Sydney slept the last two nights so great. Only waking during the 3 o'clock hour. And only for about 20 minutes! Love her.

Time to pick up around here. It has looked like it would rain all day today - and I just wish it would. I am in the mood for the pitter pat of little drops.

Someone told me that I looked skinny today. I responded that it was all an illusion. But it made me smile.

So tell me something fun about your day. What made you smile? What do you want to brag about? What are you eating for supper? What will you do  between 8-10 pm  tonight? I wonder all the time about all of you. Who you are..what you are doing...where you live...what are you doing all inspire me by causing me to wonder...


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so glad Sydney is sleeping for you.
today has been rough over here although there have been some happy moments too. A bunch of friends and I started a Girls Night Out every second Thursday of each month where we meet up at Boston's Pizza at 9:00 p.m. for their cheap appetizers. It works out great since the kiddos are in bed and the hubby is less likely to make a fuss about mommy leaving him with the kids. I am seriously considering going. EVEN with a 3 week old!
Have you taken a picture of your sling yet. Can't wait to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Cherie and I'm delurking here. What makes me smile tonight is seeing my 12 year old study hard for a test that is not until NEXT WEEK! And my three year old very sweetly sharing his cookies with me without even being asked. I'm watching TV from 8 - 10 tonight. Survivor, Modern Family and The Middle. I'll be catching up on folding laundry while I watch.

Anonymous said...

What made me smile/laugh today? When discussing dominant/recessive traits, I mentioned that having a 6th digit is dominant. A girl shouted out that she has 7. She meant her phone number...not fingers. Oops!

Dinner? Leftover pasta. Might I suggest the meatloaf recipe on the back of the Lipton Beefy Onion Soup mix box?

8-10? TV/internet/dinner and then bed by 9:30.


Raina and Andy said...

what made me smile today? that someone told you looked skinny. awesome. a woman needs it. NEEDS that. eli made me smile at dinner-he devoured and slurped his noodles. what else made me smile today? syd in her star wars shirt. RR

shellycoulter said...

So tell me something fun about your day. What made you smile? What do you want to brag about? What are you eating for supper? What will you do between 8-10 pm tonight? I wonder all the time about all of you. Who you are..what you are doing...where you live...what are you doing all inspire me by causing me to wonder...

We had bananas/yogurt/milk & Taco Bell tacos for lunch at the park. Decided for a last minute picnic before heading to get Eli from preschool so I just grabbed a few quick items to supplement some 99cent drive-thru tacos. It was windy but the fresh air felt great and the boys behaved & had a blast.

Watching Simeon toddle around with his arms up. He's been walking for 3 weeks now but it still surprises me and makes me smile a lot throughout the day!

Supper was quick & easy since it was swim lesson night. Bean & cheese enchiladas, salad, & fresh fruit.

Between 8 & 10 tonight...I usually go to the gym at 8:00. But I was able to make it this morning before hubby went to work! :) So I may write a blog, work on some sock puppets I'm making for the kids Easter baskets, fold the laundry that I've been avoiding all day, & finish my book. Hoping to be in bed by 10:00. :)

What to brag about...Hmmm? Hubby has the day off tomorrow so we get to go to Colorado to shop and take the boys to the bounce house place! Thursdays is usually the day that I work and Matt stays home with the boys...but its Spring Break where I work & Matt still has the day scheduled it will be family day! Exciting!!

Glad Miss Sydney is letting you sleep!

shellycoulter said...

Sorry...I copied & pasted what you asked so I could remember what to answer...meant to delete that top part! Sorry! :)

Jenner said...

There are so many people around me having babies right now. It's maddening!

Crystal said...

I had a good day but was SO tired last night that I refused to open up the laptop and instead grabbed some ice cream and sprawled out on the couch. It is so unusual for me to just lay on the couch and watch tv without doing something else. Rob had a meeting, so it was just me and the tv, which meant no baseball and no documentaries of any sort. Yeah!

Went to Toys R Us and bought some board games yesterday. There are some coupons available online and they had a sale so I bought Guess Who and Sorry for $6.99 each. Guess Who is for ages 6 and up so I wasn't sure if Peyton would grasp the concept but he LOVED it. He grabbed it first thing this morning and wanted to play (I had to explain the coffee first rule!).

The Tompkins Family said...

Last night we watched a movie..Gasland. It was really good but maddening. Not the type where you can just shut off your brain and relax. It did make me very thankful for what I have though which I suppose isn't a bad result.

You are amazing for taking on extra kids!!! I'm not sure I could do it, cash or not cash!

Anonymous said...

here are my updates:
i went to the walk in clinic ALONE and walked out with a strep diagnosis for lily and i and a double ear infection for connor. painful.
lily has mastered opening and closing the screen door and also the all-to-easy lock on the screen door. how do i childproof this?? scary.
the clorox wipes are getting a fair amount of use-so far the counters, handles on the fridge and micro, the faucet, the laptop, the phone, the iphone, the toys most frequently played with have been wiped down.
my home was the location of a wedding shower for a close friend of mine this weekend and i bought the flowers..they are still around making each nook and crany of my home feel more springy and lovely.

can't believe you are taking on another child...even for a short time!!!
need more pics of that girl, although i know we get a lot on the blog these days!!


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