Monday, April 11, 2011


1. Chats with my mother in law that can go on and on and on. I hang up and still have more to ask or say. Blessed.

2. Watching my boys play with the neighbor girls out the kitchen window. Yelling out occasionally to redirect - and finally saying with laughter in my voice, "Don't you all realize that I am super mom and can see all that you do. Just kidding, it is the secret spy cameras that I have planted. See if you can find them." And the first grade neighbor girls pauses, looks up with an amazingly beautiful look of wonder on her face. Awe.

3. I took my boys on a few errands this afternoon. We went to check out a store or two and I got a pair of shoes. My boys stay close to me in parking lots, without me asking. They hold onto the stroller like my hands. In the store they stay close by. While I try on shoes they push Sydney up and down the aisles. How lucky am I to have these amazing boys that go and be and find joy in seeing me get a new pair of shoes. Lucky.

4. The sun is shining. The windows are open. Ed is working late - but it is okay because everyone is busy and happy. Content.

5. Miss Sydney made it through her first night in her crib with flying colors. Falling asleep last night wasn't so easy on me. My heart was sad to think I am done having a little baby squeaking and kicking so nearby in the night. But Miss Sydney was ready..because instead of waking every two hours...she woke at 2 and 5 for her 20 minute nursing sessions. Perfect.

Life is good this Monday. I hope you have had some moments of grace.







Goings on at the Glenn's said...

yay for a successful night in the crib! My little miss won't even sleep in the cradle. she only sleeps if she's laying next to me in bed or last night had to sleep on my tummy.

Jenner said...

I'm so happy to hear that Sydney slept so well in the crib!

Anonymous said...

Regarding #3...those boys just might grow up to be good husbands. :)

Glad Sydney had a great first night in her crib. Hope Mommy's 2nd night is better. :)


Barb said...

My great Monday moments came between 5:20 pm and 8:00 p.m. having supper with good friends at Chili's. The day at work was like a thunderstorm.


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