Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finding the humor in our day...

When I watch Modern Family I always wonder why my life isn't more funny.  If someone was watching our family would they find the humor that happens on some of those classic sitcoms.  So today when a few little things occurred...I thought - maybe this would be least my reaction filmed would probably be funny. 


The boys and their friend were playing "mailbox" once again, this rainy Wednesday afternoon. This means they sit at the kitchen table with folders standing up so they can secretly draw pictures for each other. They then deliver these items to each other's mailboxes. The fun lasts hours. This was a childhood favorite activity.

So they were busy doing something so I snuck upstairs to put away a little laundry. I hear tons of giggling and someone exclaiming, "Hey, look at Henry." And then more laughter. So I returned downstairs - mama instinct kicking in. The three of them are huddled around the bathroom sink. Little friend turns to look at me and we lock eyes...hers are wide in fear. She has a thick green marker circle drawn around her entire mouth. Charley then turns...he has a blue circle...and Henry's line is a little more wildly drawn around his mouth. Panic - given that Easter pictures will be snapped in the not so distant future. So we all begin to scrub. Charley and friend got theirs off. Henry's took a little more work. Little friend's face has a slight overall green tint to it. I should have snapped a picture.  Let it be known that Mr. Sketch smelly markers are washable!  YAY! 

We had the booster seat up here for a friend to use yesterday. I had it sitting by the basement door...ready to go back down. This afternoon Henry frantically called, "Somebody help me. I am stuck." He had locked himself in and couldn't get out...hmmm...thanks buddy for giving me a grand idea :)


My teaching license expires this July 2st and I have to keep it up to date because I can't wait to get back into the classroom.  I of course left it to the last minute.  So today I begin 3 online classes.  My heart pounds when I think about taking this on right now.  So let's just laugh that I am now taking three classes, watching extra kids on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Ed is needing to work late a little more often this spring.  Gotta keep things hopping around here.  


Sydney is a kicker.  She lays on her little blanket and kicks so much.  It is crazy.  Her feet just go go go!  And she now puts her hands together and I think she spied her toes today.  She cracks me up.  Especially since she is plumping up and it seriously looks kind of uncomfortable at times lugging those big ol' cheeks around.  Love her! 


Charley was telling me about a diary the other day.  But he called it a diarrhea.  HAHAHA!




Goings on at the Glenn's said...

those are great stories Sarah! I especially love the one with the markers. I have sooo been there. And the booster seat one as well. I giggled when you said it gave you a great idea.

Danifred said...

Love those moments. The markers is by far my favorite!


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