Tuesday, March 22, 2011

H is for Henry

Each morning this week Henry has pulled out his homework book.  He works hard...on colors, big/little, patterns, all sorts of little tasks.  We sit side by side.
It. Is. Good.

Today after some of his book I whipped up this poster and had him search for the letter H....the first letter he is going to learn.  We are starting with his name - because to a child, their name is important.  Find value and they will show interest.

Use smelly markers and they show interest!  Take note of those tiny toes in the picture!
Henry also worked on writing the letter H. 

We are also going to work to decorate his name. 
Give them a bottle of glue and some marshmallows, and they show interest.

And later when Charley got home and was puttering with some writing task at the table, Henry went and got his notebook.  I drew some circles and he practiced writing the letter H - he wanted to show his brother.  Let him brag to his brother, and he shows interest.

And tonight in the bathtub the letter H was floating near Henry.  I asked him..."Hey Henry, what's that?"  And he said, "An H!" And I asked him what sound and he said, "Ha, Ha, Henry."

That's my boy!

Tomorrow the letter E! 
Tomorrow Henry won't wear his pjs all day....well maybe not.  He did wear different pjs to bed tonight.


Danifred said...

You are such an awesome mommy!

shellycoulter said...

Fun activities. Love it!

You should link this to YouCapture. The theme this week is "youth" ---perfect!

Jenner said...

That is terrific!! What a clever boy! I have been impressed with my little one recognizing letters of the alphabet. Today we were looking through a book and I pointed out a bee and she asked, "A, BEE, C?" I thought that was adorable!!

The Tompkins Family said...

You are awesome!! And so is Henry! :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so fun. but I just have a hard time seeing all those yummy marshmallows going to waste with that glue! :) Just kidding.

CanadianMama said...

Oh, you've given me so many great ideas! Chicken will be 3 in one month - I wonder if he would be too young for the first two activities?


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