Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life these days...

So, Sydney wanted you all to know that her daddy can sport some sexy chest hair.  But really, I love Ed's smile here.  You can tell he just woke up with his slight bed head.  He is lounging next to his two boys...which you can't see...watching This Old House...their new favorite Saturday past time.  This shows you what one of us is doing these days...letting Miss Sydney snuggle on us while we put our feet up.  And when I am doing this I obviously can't download pictures and blog...hmmm...if you had to or sit with this snuggler...what would you choose.

On another note regarding this sexy man with the chest hair.  It was his birthday on Monday.  Yes, he shares his birthday with the Valentine's holiday.  What a good sport to put up with our lame ol' birthday celebration for him this year.  We DID have some friends over on Saturday - that was delightful.  But on his actual birthday he offered to stay home an extra hour so I could get some extra sleep since she was up a bit Sunday night.  And he ended up picking up his sushi take out dinner because me dragging the baby carseat, and two boys, while balancing a platter of sushi just didn't sound smooth.  We'll make it up to him in the coming months. 

Love you Ed.  I love that I get to see you be a father to a daughter now.  A whole new experience that already has me falling in love with you all over again.

This is the shot from Target.  Someone said bring your camera.  So I did.  Along with the diaper bag filled with everything but the kitchen sink.  This is the proof that she handled Target just fine! 

I did get my first "Oh, look honey. (meaning look at the baby)" and the husband responding, "oh! 3!  She has her hands full."  comment.  I have heard mom's of three vent about this comment.  I am sure I will relate to their venting thoughts soon enough.  But at that moment - when they recognized I had was sleeping peacefully and the other two were walking quietly beside me discussing the valentines they were clutching in their hands - I was so dang proud to be hands full and juggling it all! 

Sydney is starting to enjoy laying on her playmat and looking around.  The girl is so easy going.  If she starts to fuss in one place...all you have to do is pick her up and change her location or her position and she is once again captivated by all that surrounds her.  Joy.  and blessed.

The little girl swings like the best of them.  And looks adorable while swingin'...especially when she is sportin' this cute little onesie that my brother's girlfriend Liz whipped together for her.  LOVE it.  And next month I plan to master this sewing skill.  So any moms having a baby in April or later will possibly be gifted some handmade unique onesies...I am stating this so that I am made to learn this task.

And don't think these little boys aren't busy here.  They are busy retrieving diapers, offering fingers for the grabbing, and calling Miss Sydney "Syd Bug" these days. 

And yesterday I found myself standing at the base of a ski hill with Sydney strapped to me.  Henry was wandering close by with his little bag of pretzels.  And daddy and Charley were zipping and zooming.  More pictures of that to come...if any turned out. 

Smitten with this life as a mom of three. 


Anonymous said...


I need to see that girl. and those boys. and share a glass of wine with you. RR

Barb said...

How does RR beat me to this every single time??? Precious pictures, every single one of them! Thanks for putting "smitten Sarah" in to the mix - my oldest daughter.

CanadianMama said...

Three kids, a new baby and you are learning to sew? You ARE amazing! You sounds blissful - so happy for you!!

and I totally get the sweet daddy thing. I had forgotten how tender M could be until Little Bear came around again - melts me every time!!

shellycoulter said...

What a beautiful life!

shellycoulter said...'re totally giving me the baby fever!

Danifred said...

Happy Birthday to Ed!
And, that little shirt she has on in the swing is too cute for words!

Rebecca said...

You just seem so HAPPY!!! So awesome for you!

AmyK said...

I just LOVE these pics!! AK


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