Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts from a very pregnant mama!

***Wednesday morning and we should be at Henry's class, and yes, they will all think I have had the baby. But he has a little cough starting and my voice was gone last night but it is back a little better this morning. So we are laying low. It is also like 1 degree out today. So best if we are just home. Although, I am tempted to walk a lap around the neighborhood to get things rolling here.

***American Idol starts tonight. Do you watch it? I normally love it. But I just can't imagine it now without Simon and the others. Randy, dog, is just not my favorite and I can't imagine what it will be like. I will most likely watch just to see what the dynamic is like without the regulars.

***Modern Family is on tonight. How awesome would that be to be able to watch this while in the throws of labor. This is one of my all time favorite scenes:

***This gal always cracks me up when, yes teasing her, WHEN she posts. And yesterday she did not let me down. Loved her comments about the minivan. I do have to say that I had an opposite moment this morning. I took the two neighbor girls to school and one of the gals was just so spell bound with the automatic opening and closing doors. Cracked me up. Made me feel like the coolest mom out there. haha!

***This morning Henry and I did the drive through at the bank to cash two small checks that I have earned from hosting the blogher ads on my blog.  Just kind of thrilling to be handed a little envelope with a little bonus cash for doing something that gives me so much joy and inspiration.  Burying it in the backyard for a rainy day. 

***We signed Charley up for the Learning Fair at his school.  He chose to study ...drum roll....

He will learn the parts of a volcano.
How volcanoes work.
And he will build a volcano.
All to be completed during the first month of this third child's life.  Can we do this?  YES WE CAN!

***I have not bought any gender specific clothing items for this third child.  I earned some Kohl's cash the other day so if any friends in the neighborhood want to come snag that from me so they can go and get a cute little new thing for this bean when it is born - come and get it.  I do have a crazy bright outfit for baby to come home in - it has every color under the sun involved and it is sure to make us laugh when we put it on. 

*** Henry is one of a kind.  Right now he is sitting here next to me on our ratty red couch looking at all the library books they picked out yesterday.  His knee is bouncing, he must have to pee, but that would mean he has to put the book down. 

***Henry also keeps talking about the Big Brother class.  This is what he says, most often out of the blue, "Hey guys----- remember that animal class we went to.  Baby is in the sack you know. Yep.  In the sack."  So Ed figured out that he calls the big brother class the animal class because our boys didn't bring baby dolls they brought stuffed animals.  And the thing that really stuck in his head was when the lady whipped out the knitted sack that held the baby.  So yesterday, entering the doctor's office Charley asked why we have to come so often and I responded to make sure baby is still healthy in my belly.  And Henry piped in, "No, in sack."  

***Alrighty, off to bowl with my buddy Hank.  Don't be fooled - he can bowl a good game.  Not as strong as Grandma Barb...but, Henry can hold his own when it comes to the fine art of whipping the Wii remote just right. 

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Crystal said...

Modern Family would be an awesome show to watch during labor. When I had my first, I was stuck with a Full House marathon!


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