Saturday, January 29, 2011


Boy or Girl...little ones experiencing their first sponge bath at home are vulnerable.

Trusting daddy's hands to get all the nuks and crannies.
And boy do daddy's hands do a good job.
In the hospital Ed changed EVERY. SINGLE. diaper.
Nurses complimented his swaddle several times.
And last night his manly hands washed his little "dolls" hair.

And though there were a few shrieks and squeaks.
She did pretty well.

Boy or Girl...
Bathtime is when you can appreciate the beginning of life and all the little parts that have miraculously entered the world - perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, these pictures, so tender.

Grandma Charlie said...

My comment got away from me! Anyway, those pictures are so special. I remember you two giving Charley his first bath.

Danifred said...

Such sweetness.

Kelly said...

Too cute. In the fourth picture she really looks like Ed! :)

Crystal said...

I think she looks like Ed, too! I love the picture where you can see her tiny self next to Ed's hand - hard to believe how little our little darlings are when they first start out.

btw, your pictures with your new camera look awesome!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

What a precious post! What a man you have to give your babies their first bath at home! Mine is much to timid and scared that he'd drop them I think. P.S. I am loving all the edited black and white and sepia photos. Color is great too but looks like you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adore all of these pics and hearing all of your "new" mom thoughts. LOVE the third pic from the bottom. My FAV!!!!


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