Monday, December 13, 2010

The sprinkles of life...

This time of year lends itself to the rolling pin.
And I am lucky enough to have in my possession, my Grandma Dort's rolling pin.

The worn handles that you know she held and rolled lovingly with her own bare hands.
I treasure the act of rolling out the Christmas cookie cut outs and this year I kept that time sacred and to myself and made the actual cookies by myself.

Then it was time to dig out all the colorful little buckets of sprinkles.

Finally,  I called over my little elves...after taking many deep breaths an vowing to myself that I would not get impatient and snap.  (and I will have you know that I succeeded and we had a happy decorating session...until I went to get the cup of milk to go with Charley's cookie, that he chose to eat when we were all finished, and found sprinkles COVERING the floor on their side of the table...then there might have been a slight tense moment - but only slightly tense because in the big picture...a few sprinkles on the floor are just that sprinkles). 
This picture below captures what I get to witness through out the entire day here in our household--  The love and admiration that Henry feels towards his big brother.  And Henry is about to become a big brother in the not to far off future, and I do think he gets it, but I don't think he really gets that he is going to have someone looking at him this way in a year or two.  And that fact makes me more and more anxious to meet this new little sibling who is going to bring some pink into our life or expand our frat house.   

The kid is so full of spirit and honest to goodness happiness these days.  The wonder of this season is exploding from him - moment to moment.  Today our Elf on the Shelf was mounted on a wall hanging, but by mid morning Henry pointed out that Elfie was leaning instead of sitting upright.  Hmmmm, I responded that he must be napping.  Henry laughed.  But when Charley got home Henry then shared that he did that with his bow and arrow (made out of tinker toys).  Both Charley and I gave him the "YOU CAN'T TOUCH ELFY!" speech. 

The decorating extravaganza progressed with happy mama!
And serious kindergartner, who is getting pretty good at sprinkling the cookies with style.
He is realizing "Less is More"....a little more...but just a little. 

Henry was patient and productive.  He kept up with his big brother and used far more sprinkles. 
But he did show signs of having a plan of you can see below.

This time of year is about the frosting all over, the sprinkles on the floor, the not perfectly wrapped presents, the announcement of what is in the box a little early, and the bounce that doesn't leave these little ones feet.

And it would be so easy to do all of this in the evening after they have been in bed. 

But really, children make the holidays so magical and allow us to pause in our running from here to there. 
And they remind us to enjoy these little things - sometimes the moments that seem as tiny as a sprinkle - but when you mound them up on a cookie - they make the month of December so delicious. 


Anonymous said...

soooooooo cute. love that picture of henry idolizing henry. what's up with chucky's super stylish spikey hair? what a study.....ohhh i love how you mentioned that henry will be THAT big brother. the one looked up at or to. that is so awesome. i'm so excited for him in all of this. save a cookie for me please!! RR

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Sarah. Absolutely Wonderful! Love your pics. Love your thoughts.


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