Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours.
I finally got a free moment or two before the 7pm hour when I resume the horizontal position with my feet elevated (Thanks Jessie!).  
Charley woke first and thumped back and forth between the top of the stairway and his bed.  
Henry finally woke.
Mama headed down to grab the camera...
And the excitement began!

Santa brought each boy a snow fort block builder, a book, a puzzle, and a Lego set (as requested)...and those large blocks that Santa must have had to assemble.  Their stockings...knitted by my Grandma were filled with test tubes, eye droppers, Star Wars Pez, and a few other little items. 

Mom and dad gave the boys things like science tools, new electric toothbrushes, wii games, fishing accessories, books, and other little things.  The boys didn't have any HUGE desires this year which made shopping easy and difficult.  Lego sets though are huge, as they cost and require some assistance so I spent the morning, along with Ed, helping little fingers assemble their Lego vehicles.

2 different perspectives...

We did pause mid morning to enjoy some of these.  My new favorite hostess gift...and I bought some for our house.  Ubake, found in Milwaukee, WI, but also around our area in MN, has tons of yummy frozen dough treats.  And I discovered these jumbo cinnamon rolls a month or two ago.  And boy are they easy and delicious (and I am not a huge fan of rolls).  But they make the house smell so cozy so I can't resist.

It was a delightful morning followed by a tired afternoon that brought out some of the crabbiness that follows a week of celebrations, travel, lots of present opening, gifts that require too much parental assistance, and personal desires of how we all wanted to spend our time...that didn't all jive.  

But cozy our day was. 
Home we were. 
PJ's were worn all day.  
Merry Christmas!

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Danifred said...

Looks like a beautiful morning! We also had cinnamon rolls for breakfast- but they didn't look that yummy :)


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