Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas up North - has begun!

We made it up north....even after a doc appointment that confirmed I am now dilated .5 centimeters and baby's head is down putting plenty of pressure on mama. And so we are enjoying a quiet day in the northwoods with Ed's family. They got snow yesterday that weighs the trees down beautifully. The 18 foot Christmas tree that is actually hanging from the ceiling illuminates the tree house with a warm glow.  I am trying to keep my feet up to alleviate the "I have a bowling ball between my legs feeling."

Life is good.... and when in the must expose their sons to the snowmobile that sat resting for at least three years in Grandpa's garage....

As a mom of two boys...with a possible third on the way...I have to find the joy in the roar of a snow mobile.

And the natural roar that escapes my oldest son's deep belly places when he sits alone on the machine. 

Two years ago I probably would have been biting my nails as Uncle Mike zoomed up and down 5th Avenue with my 6 year old.  

But now I feel the excitement that they feel because I know that their life is expanding and becoming fuller! 

I also watched my boys jump off the deck onto a huge mound of snow that daddy and Uncle Mike made when they shoveled off Grandma's deck. 


Anonymous said...

wow! next year can I come????? or even this year...can I join you ;) Raina

Rebecca said...

Wait...why was I SURE you were having a girl? Maybe I'm psychic...maybe not.

I love these pictures (even though I hate the snow)...everyone looks so happy!

Hang in there and re-lax!!!

Barb said...

and is Russell in town? I think so! So much fun and special times up North - happy for you all.

The Gardiner Family said...

So jealous of the snowmobile fun! My grandparents had them when we were growing up and we created the best memories with those machines. When I was really little I used to fall asleep on the long rides. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

The Tompkins Family said...

I seriously have to buy your lens...I am loving your new camera pics! Looks like everyone is having SO much fun!


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