Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time well spent...

On Wednesday night last week my mom was driven to the airport by her son-in-law, Andy. He dropped her off. She flew just under an hour and was picked up by her other son-in-law, Ed. I poked my head down to say hello but had already gone to bed. But this is what I felt like when I heard her arrive!

  My boys knew Grandma Barb would be here when they woke up on Thursday morning.
Both were very excited.  Lately, when we have had people visit Henry still gravitates towards me helping him put on his shoes, take potty breaks, zip jackets, hold hands, and the list goes on.  But after several days into the visit my mom and him really connected when she took him into our backyard to swing.  And I guess he exclaimed this three times:

It always takes my breath away when a child honestly tells you that he is having a great time, is happy, or is thankful.  And knowing that Henry was happy running around the yard, taking Grandma's hand, and letting her put on his shoes was HUGE.  This coming weekend he will venture north with daddy to visit Grandma Charlie and I have a feeling that all this Grandma time recently should help him enjoy a weekend without mama!  

During my mom's visit we took it easy, stuck around the house, walked Charley to school, ate at a restaurant or two, played games, started Christmas shopping, relaxed, and more.  

My two favorite outings were unexpected because the weather this past week has been insanely incredible for Minnesota.  We had temps in the 60's.  We hit up two of my favorite parks.  We fed fish, muskrats, ducks, and squirrels.  

We walked and talked.

We played hide and seek.
Had ice cream.
Didn't have to wear jackets...

It was a great visit.  And because it was a longer visit there wasn't a pressure to go! go! go!  As the visit was wrapping up it hit me that the next time my mom comes to visit there will be another little person squealing and grunting in the background.  And I will be operating in the state of a fog.  And that time is going to come really fast!  

After we dropped my mom off at the airport we all were a bit sad.  I have always wanted to park near the airport and watch airplanes take off right over our head.  So I pulled off and found a lot behind a building and we got out and watched 5-10 planes take off in a 10 minute span...and even I had to let out a squeal.  WHAT A RUSH!

It was a nice distraction from the knot that grows in my stomach after my family leaves.  Charley knows that I am sad after my mom leaves.  Ed knows that I am usually an emotional wreck.  But even with the emotions that hit that evening - it was such a good visit.  A treat.  And only a couple weeks and we will get a fantastic weekend filled with family and food.  So like many friends told me, I will enjoy having things settle back into somewhat of a regular routine,  and be thankful for such a wonderful visit.  Thanks mom for coming, hanging out with us, going with our flow, putting up with all our moods and demands, and taking time off from your busy life. 


Anonymous said...

what a nice tribute! i often try to explain to my mom that spending time alone with her is sooo special. it doesn't replace the time all together with EVERYONE, but those special trips and adventures with mom/grandma are sooooooo special.
by the way--i love the pic of the boys with their hands in their pockets! soooo cute! reminds me of 2 BIG boys standing there waiting for their turn to golf or something!!

Barb said...

It was my glorious and delicious pleasure to be with you all and I miss those little morning voices waking me up.

The Tompkins Family said...

Okay, it seriously does not get any cuter than the pic of both boys with their hands in their pockets watching the plane take off...melt my heart!!

Anonymous said...

love that the boys adore their grandma's so much. so special. glad you took it all in the whole time :) RR


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