Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010
Charley 6, Henry 2 1/2...well almost 3

It has become a tradition for Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and Grandma Charlie to come visit around Charley's birthday and it has worked out that they are here for Halloween the last few years! 

Morgan was not a fan of my camera...but I think I snuck a few pictures of the little peacock!
If we have a little girl we will definitely be borrowing this lovely creation that Grandma Charlie whipped together!  Always amazing that Mother in Law of mine.

 The evening begins catching all our neighbors as we wander down our street towards the fire station.

 At the fire station we run into friends.  This is one of Charley's good neighborhood/ school/ Mom's club buddies and it was his costume that our family appreciated a TON.  Charley loves Super Mario Brothers.
 We warm up at the fire station, play a few games, and grab some popcorn for the trick or treat journey.
Henry had some potty issues but thanks to a new friend of ours we were able to pop into their bathroom and check things out.  And all seemed to get better after we had that fixed.

 We walk the same route every year and this year Charley led the way and we had to beg him to wait for his little brother.  Charley was much braver too.  Henry enjoyed it all! 

And I enjoyed watching my little space guys...chatting with the company we had joining us...passing friends along the way....and realizing that next year I will either be home passing out candy with a little one sleeping...or wearing him/her in a baby carrier...or pushing him/her snuggled up in the stroller.  EEEEEK!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you're mother in law will have some type of cute costume for that baby of yours!!! by end of October he/she will be sitting up and can ride in the wagon! haha :) RR

Colleen said...

Love how you spend your halloween! Fun to watch Charley show Henry the ropes, I'm sure....

Anonymous said...

Hey! The pics from the firehall reminded me of when we would host the Halloween Fun Night for NHS in high school. Ask Ed if he felt old brining his kids to something like that. Ha! :)



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