Thursday, September 30, 2010

Usborne books

A while back I went to a friend's home party featuring Usborne Children's books. As a book lover I was very impressed with the quality and selection of books. Of course when you go to these types of parties you get encouraged to throw one yourself. I have NEVER thrown a party like this. But my friend Lynelle and I decided to co-host one together. And so last night we gave it our best shot and were so thankful to all the friends that came and supported us.

I thought I would offer up to anyone the chance to order from them. We will be submitting our order in a week or so. So you can visit the Usborne website and click on Sarah and Lynelle.

At Paula's party I ordered these activity cards.  They are sturdy two sided cards that have wipe off marker or wipe off crayon activities for the kids.  Like the party consultant shared, I separated the 50 two-sided cards into piles of 10 and looped them together with metal rings.  This keeps the cards secured and not floating all over the car or my purse.  Moms at the party that had these cards spoke up and said that even their 10 year olds loved doing them.  And I have witnessed Charley and Henry enjoying them already.  They are a little tough for them yet but growth is great!  And writing with a wipe off marker is always fun.  Here is a sample: 

I also purchased this book called There's a Mouse in the House.  It is the cute story of a mouse that journeys through a house on the search of something yummy.  But this book is different because it comes with a small card stock mouse that slips through slots on each page and follows a path through the whole book.  Both my boys LOVE this book. 

If you are interested in ordering any books you can save on shipping and have them shipped to me and I can deliver them to you (if I see you).  Otherwise the shipping is pretty reasonable.  As the holiday season quickly comes upon us this is one way I am planning on starting my Christmas shopping. 

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