Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend we had some big plans.  We were traveling once again over 5 hours...more like 6 to see family.  To break up the trip we decided to break up the drive and stop part way and visit a water park / pool hotel.  It was not a big fancy water park.  But it was absolutely perfect for our family.  The boys were so excited and Ed and I were too.  It was our first mini-vacation as a family of four.  We had only stayed in hotels as a family for weddings prior to this.  We arrived at the the hotel just before 9. The boys were super excited about our room and we even went and took a few runs down the little water slides.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning with continental breakfast and a few hours in the pool. 

Around noon we checked out, found a local restaurant for lunch, and then ventured to my sister's.   It was our first time staying at their house.  The boys enjoyed some play time with their cousin Eli.  We ventured out for pizza at a unique..and slightly creepy pizza parlor that includes an amazing organ player.  Ed and I enjoyed playing Guitar Hero with my sister and her husband late into the evening.  It was our first time and it cracked me up. 

Sunday morning Ed and Andy got up early to go golfing with some relatives before my dad's side of the family picnic.  Typically we see our extended family at an annual Christmas party (which we haven't made it to most years).  But this year everyone decided to try a summer picnic instead.  And we had EVERYONE there...except my brother!  An amazing turn out!  It was a fun picnic that unfortunately was followed by a 6 hour drive back home.  Ed is a trooper who I know would much rather stay home and relax but when we are at the actual weekend outings he enjoys his is the driving that sucks the fun out for him. 

Weekends with family are precious.  If only the summer weekend travel could be spaced out a bit.  But, when the drive is all said and done...and the last hour of craziness that almost puts Ed and I in the loony bin...we are glad we made the trip....I think :)


Danifred said...

Looks like a great time! Don't summer weekends feel like they just fly by?!?
Thanks for the email by the way- I haven't had a chance to read the link yet (I've been packing- we head out of town tomorrow morning), but I can't wait to check it out!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Looks like a fun time on the slides. And fun to break up the 6 hours!

Mara said...

Looks JUST LIKE Cranberry Country Lodge in Tomah, WI as we stayed there at the end of March with our 2 yo and then 7mo. But I don't know of an organ pizza joint- that looked like Organ Piper in Milwaukee! If you did stay in Tomah, I'd love to know where the pizza place is...


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