Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

1.  I hate when a telemarketer or fundraiser "person" calls and you think you are talking/ listening to a real person but when you interrupt and just make sure by saying, "Is this a real person?"  and they don't stop talking feel like an idiot.  If they are going to call to ask for money then at least have a real person do it.  Ugh.

2.  We went to the beach 3 times this week.  Anyone reading that is local - this beach is just perfect!  The water is great, the sand is groomed each morning, it is 5 minutes from our house, it is never too busy, and there is shade right up to the shoreline at 9:00am.  I am in heaven with this summer outing and will go more and more!  The last two days we went with friends and Charley was in heaven swimming around with his noodle and their kick board. 

3.  I don't need a nap yet today.  woo hoo!  Could my energy be coming back.  Or am I just thrilled that the kitchen is already cleaned up so I am not avoiding that task.

4.  Ed has been calling home midday to check in.  Love him.  Not sure if he is just driving and bored, checking in on his pregnant wife, or checking to make sure we are all still alive and I haven't snapped into a crazy person. 

5.  Charley's behavior has improved dramatically since last week.  I sigh and pray that that stage has passed and we are in the next stage of making better choices.

6.  Charley is in heaven playing with the neighbor girls and I struggle because I don't want to have to sit out in the cul de sac so Henry can be out there with him.  I also don't want him to pester the girls by always wanting to play.  How do you balance neighborhood friends? 

7.  This weekend we will celebrate our anniversary and my birthday a little early.  Since next week we will be busy with work, t-ball, packing, and travel.  I am excited for the little plans we have each day this weekend....a little babysitter time for the kiddos, a movie and meal for mom and dad, and a family dinner at my favorite restaurant. 

8.  I have five 20 gallon bins sitting on our couch ready to fill for our week at the cottage.  I realized a year or two ago that packing in bins makes loading and unloading pretty slick.  It also keeps things sorted and they can act as end tables.  They are lined on the red couch because the boys have lost the privilege of sitting on this couch...since they don't sit on it anymore.  Instead they do headstands, jump, or perform other stunts that make mama's stomach drop. 

9.  I am determined to get a little color on my upper thighs so at the cottage when I am the only mom, 14 weeks pregnant at that point, standing in the knee deep water for hours they aren't blinding people.  The lower part of my legs have a nice base tan.  I got a little color on the front today. 

10.  I am impressed with all the cheese shredding mama's out there.  I am motivated to shred more! 

11.  I take pride in packing our picnic lunches in containers that I bring home and wash.  I rarely use Ziploc bags...I do use them...but this week I have not used zip bags for any of our picnic lunches and we had 3.  By the time Charley is in first grade and needs to bring his lunch to school, I will have some system down that doesn't require any garbage.  It is very easy to do.  Give it a try.  I dare you!

12.  Okay, time to get something done around here.  Stay cool and enjoy your weekend.  I would love to know what you are looking forward to doing these next two days...or what you are eating!

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Carrie said...

Which beach!?!? I am looking for a good one close by!

Kelly said...

Are you guys still going to Homecoming next week? When...? I think we'll be up Fri/Sat, but not exactly sure. Would love to beach/picnic it again! :)

Hattie said...

Sounds like y'all are having a great week. Wow the trips to the beach! FUN! Yay for energy too! I could so use some!!!

Anonymous said...

He is working in the a.m., I am going to a medium, we are looking forward to eating at the local chicken cookout in town, and we listened to Martha Berner sing at an outside venue tonight, with lightning bugs, stars in the sky, a soft wind in our faces and lots of kids running around on the dance floor. Stopped on our way home for a small sundae - life is good and weekends are special. Enjoy yours!

Danifred said...

Horray for having more energy!
Tot loves playing with the neighborhood kids, but Bean isn't quite there yet. A few of the moms and I try to alternate between watching them so that everyone gets in on the fun!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have some really nice reusable ziploc bags. I love them. They work really well (better than the throw away ones) and save me a lot of money on bags.

Andrew Bridges said...

Oregon banned all plastic bags. It's weird at the dog park.

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