Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soccer scenes

This spring we signed Charley up for soccer.  He has loved it!  I have loved it!  This weekend his game was canceled due to wet fields.  I am so disappointed, and let me tell you I never thought I would be disappointed.  Growing up I was never an athlete.  My parents tried.  They signed me up, exposed me, and cheered me on.  Thank you.  Swimming was the only thing that really took for me.  But now, as a mom, I have found pure bliss sitting and watching my son play. 

My mom came to visit last weekend to see him play.  I told her it would bring her back to the Saturdays spent at the fields. 

It rained.  Charley loved playing in the rain.  My mom noticed it too.  She remarked that the smiles he had during the ENTIRE hour game were true happy smiles.  They weren't forced, shy, or uncomfortable.  He was truly happy.  I do my best to capture some of the moments. 

This game my mom got to see Charley score his first goal.  He was super were we.  He came running down the field so excited.  And he got the cutest embrace from one of the gals on his team.  I only caught the tail end of it.  But you can tell that threw him for a loop. 

And then of course we have Super Henry who tags along to practices and games.  Eats snacks.  Cheers - he really does yell "Go Charley!"  And from time to time he gives it a go with daddy on the sidelines.  I predict Saturdays going from one game to the next in my not so near future!


shellycoulter said...

He looks like he is having a blast! Great shots! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the rain was there but the cold was not! So fun to play in the mud and the rain. how was the car? did it get muddy after? never thought of that as a dirty soccer girl when i was young...wonder if mom cringed when my muddy shin guards and cleats would hit the car!Great pics. So glad Grandma Barb got to see Charley score his first goal and he celebrated correctly :) RR

Danifred said...

Great pictures! I wish Tot enjoyed soccer more this past season... maybe next year.

Krissy said...

My daughter wants to play soccer this year. She's going to be 5 and I want to try to sign her up. :) I think it's important for kids to be part of a team!! It looks like your son enjoyed it and your younger son is an aspiring soccer player!!

Colleen said...



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