Friday, June 11, 2010

The inside moms of boys get it?

First a plea....the little story I am about to share is highly sensitive and private. I ONLY know this information because of a "little bird" otherwise known as another mom told me. Charley has not told me anything about this and I don't want him to be teased or joked with about this. I have not said anything to him about what I know. So please, family and friends, who will have an urge to ask him or tease him - please don't. I am already completely disappointed that he hasn't shared with me. Something I am going to get used to. I also grew up with a Great Aunt who asked me every time I saw her about boyfriends, which I didn't bother myself with until college. And though I know she was well intended - it wasn't something I enjoyed being asked about.
So please enjoy the cute little story - but don't tease Charley about it. If you do - there will be consequences. I. am. TOTALLY. SERIOUS.

Here goes:

Yesterday Charley popped over to his good friend Elly's house to play for a bit. It was spur of the moment. Listen closely and you can hear me is back to normal around here because play dates with Elly have resumed. They have been on opposite preschool schedules and just haven't worked out for the school year. They are GREAT playmates.

When Elly's mom dropped him off she had me come outside so she could tell me something...immediately I was worried...what did Charley say or do? She explained that on the drive home she overheard Charley lean over and whisper to Elly, "Elly, will you be my girlfriend?" Elly replied sure. They arrived at our house. Charley hopped out. Life moved on. Lynelle and I quickly agreed that doors stay open during play dates now (wink wink). Both of us were giggling at the whole thing.

Upon entering the house Charley had a silly little grin on his face. Different than the normal happy smile. He said he had a good time and went on playing with Henry.

I went into the kitchen and paused.

Lynelle popped on the computer later and shared that when she got back in the car Elly told her, "Mom, guess what, Charley asked me to be his girlfriend, isn't that wonderful!" She told her mom immediately. And later she told her dad at dinner who informed her that she doesn't have boyfriends until she is 16.

So here I sit. Reality hitting me. I am the mom of two boys. Two boys who are going to have these little and big things happen, and they are going to be typical and not share every little thing with me. My work is cut out for me. I have only a couple more years to establish an open and trusting relationship so that I have a better chance of him feeling comfortable and secure sharing with Ed or I.

For today, I am telling myself that since he was the "asker" and not the "askee" I was not granted the inside scoop from the source himself. Maybe if it was the other way around... Because he has told me before about girls asking him. Which by the way...blows my mind..why are 5 year olds even thinking and knowing about this.

Anyways, the reality has hit. I am the mom of boys - guys who are going to be happy go lucky, will shoot hoops to get their aggression out, who will have far less drama to deal with during the after school hours....but who will probably give less little scoops about their daily life, not realizing that their moms and dads would love to hear it all.

Summer has begun, he is now considered a Kindergartner. Crazy!


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh! i can't handle that. i'm glad she said YES and is bragging about it. I wonder how they'll "break up". HA! I hope he tells you..m.aybe you'll catch them talking about it? pitter patter. SO hard to handle. Last night I thought about Eli leaving for college and decided he's not going anywhere...ever. HA! how do mom's do it? RR

Shell said...

Feeling a little pang at his, as a fellow mom of boys...

shellycoulter said...

That's really sweet. Innocent childhood love is adorable.

Give him time & I'm sure it will come out to you! Good thoughts on being a momma to boys. Wow...its a big job isn't it. Sometimes totally overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah...that is adorable. You're right. The asker is always a little more shy about telling than the asked. :) Adorable!


Rebecca said...

Too cute! I swear, I'm going to use Hailey as my glad I have B/G twins just for that reason!


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