Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Depot has the ability to take a mother's breath away!

Once a month...all over the country....Home Depot opens it doors to families for Kid's Workshop Saturday.
Ed has taken Charley since he was little.  Now he trudges there with two...one on each hand.  I tag along to get a glimpse and help out...since two is a little trickier than one. 

I am not surprised when each time my breath catches seeing all types of dads showing up to sit side by side with these busy little bodies, to test their patience, and build with their little ones.  Some pairings work brilliantly, some require a little more patience, but all are taking time out of their busy lives to get back to the basics of a hammer and nail with their children. 

Even more amazing are the moms that show up with two or even three kids in tow.  Ripping open the project package, keeping track of nails, and figuring it all out.  Not letting their little ones miss out on the opportunity because the male role model in their life is busy, not there, or has no interest.  I have to admit, that while I helped Charley, I could have easily just taken over and went to town.  There is something so fun about building something. 

I seriously, get teary sitting back and watching it all.  I know that Lowes also offers this...maybe even twice a month.  We have never been to their projects.  I can only speak for the Home Depot experience - and it is so worth it.  I can't imagine them saying no if you showed up without child and asked to bring a project home to your kiddo, if they had other things going on that weekend. 

I can see how all the moms, who just desire an hour of quiet in their own house, might look forward to the first Saturday of the month...because it grants them an hour of serenity.  But I would also encourage you to tag along every once in awhile.  Because the event is breathtaking.  It really is.


Barb said...

I got to witness this last Saturday - what a fabulous sight to see! Ed's patience, Henry's eyes wandering and watching other kids, Sarah snapping photos and helping, Charley putting his goggles up and down -- and the wooden soccer game turned out great - we played it lots when we got home!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

What a cute post! I look forward to when my little ones are old enough for our Home Depot build workshops. I have been there on a Saturday and have seen the comotion. I agree it is wonderful to see! I wish life was like it was a long time ago. It seems life was full of more simple joys like this.

Anonymous said...

i wonder when i can start taking Mr. E! RR

Grandma Charlie said...

I told you how Henry would say TARGET when I was there and we were running low on something. When I mentioned the new lawn chairs by the swings, he said HOME DEPOT! The boy should be in sales!!


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