Monday, May 24, 2010

Unexpected summer weather...

May in Minnesota can typically bring some beautiful summer-like days. However, today and even yesterday the temperatures reached record highs. I think at one point it was 93 degrees outside!

We decided it was time to turn on our almost new air conditioner (last summer was our first). Of course, on an uncomfortably hot day it doesn't work. So Sunday night the family went to the library for awhile and then out to dinner. No one slept great but we survived. When we called for repair they informed us they would not get to us until Tuesday.

Inside our house we were dealing with temps of 85. I left things closed up hoping this was the right choice - not sure if the chance of a breeze was the better choice.

The thing I realized was - friendship. I had friends offer me their house, even when they weren't going to be home, just so we could hang out somewhere cool. I had a friend have us over spur of the moment to play in the pool bright and early. I had a friend take Charley so he could run and play but find refuge in their cool house (they also offered for Henry and I to come to). I had friends offer fans (which we are using full blast tonight). And I had two invites to come over for the night and sleep in their cool basements.

Now, the weather today probably wasn't even all that bad compared to what is coming for summer...but I think the first hot days are always hard - we aren't ready, we aren't adjusted. Pools aren't open. We are just not ready. It never got as humid as they had predicted. Lucky.

But I didn't feel well today and I was so thankful for the friends that were so thoughtful. Thank you! And if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament - know that you are always welcome at our house.

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Anonymous said...

Give us all an update today so we hear that your A/C is repaired and all of you are smiling again. Grandma Barb


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