Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things Whipping Through My Mind on Wednesday!

It is Wednesday and I have several things going through my mind...

1. Happy Birthday Lynelle! A great friend who I don't see too much these days because our darn kids are on opposite schedules. But I am looking forward to watching over your little gals this weekend so you can have a little time with your husband!

2. I added some new songs to my playlist below (I think my mom and dad will love song number 2).

3. I have so many friends who are wrapping up the school year - as educators. It is a time of mixed emotions, anticipation, and excitement. Take in the moments. Enjoy that your profession gives you an end and a fresh start next fall. Breathe!

4. I have a giveaway going on and it only has 22 entries so far! A great chance to win $50 to spend at one of 200 stores associated with CSN Stores. Go here and just get in the game! The winner will be announced on Saturday!

5. I am at the point where Henry can get around on a public playground without me following extremely close. This means going to the park with friends allows for a little chat eye always on my little man of course!

6. Henry and I walked to a park this morning to meet Charley after his preschool class. After a good 25 minute walk we arrived and then Henry had to greet the park by filling his pants. I of course didn't bring a diaper or wipes. Thank good for fellow moms-- Always there for each other. I owe a gal named Ann a diaper!

7. It is summer - well it feels like it at least. And my boys in barefeet turning their swingset slide into a waterslide is delightful!

8. Henry is finally loving his swimming lessons and is kicking and scooping. Charley is attempting some new swim skills. So proud of my boys. And very proud of myself for getting in my suit and hopping in the pool twice a week this time of year.

9. Sorry for all the little blogs today. I had stolen moments and random thoughts or pictures to share.

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Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts. It's so fun to be a Mom and watch our kids grow up. How cool you are helping your friend this weekend. :)


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