Saturday, May 1, 2010

Slow Reflections #3 - Family Mealtime

One of the ways that the Slow Family Living Handbook encourages families to slow down is with family mealtime.  I have written on my blog before the importance of this time of the day for our family.  It may not happen 7 nights of the week but it happens more nights than it doesn't.  I recently came across this website called The Power of Family Meals.  On this site it states:

"In study after study, the beneficial impact of family mealtime has been demonstrated for children of all ages. Better grades, healthier eating habits, closer relationships to parents and siblings, ability to resist negative peer pressure, resilience in the face of life's problems — all these are outcomes of simply sharing dinner on a regular basis."

It then goes on to give statistics on why Family Meal time Matters.  

The website gives a number of good resources for recipes, meals and menus, and other meal time tips.

One of the links offers conversation starters.

Do you have a fun tradition, rule, or tip that is an important part of your family mealtime ritual?

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Kate said...

It's so important for me to have family meal time. Sadly, work gets in the way for us. So even if it's just me and the kids, I set the table and make a thing of dinner. Most nights.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

We try really hard to sit down together at dinner. Muffin makes it a little difficult but we do our best! It really is a healthy practice to get into.

Catherine Anne said...



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