Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Henry works with one hammer

Henry works with one hammer
One hammer
One hammer
Henry works with one hammer
Charley does too!

When both our boys were born we tossed around many names.  I knew in my heart though that I wanted them to have names that....you would buy a hammer from.  Nothing against any of the names that don't fit this description...but my heart, for my boys, leaned towards the names that sounded trustworthy, traditional, and sturdy.  

The kind of name you would find on a name tag at a kindhearted helpful man in a hardware store (Hardware Hank!).  After much consideration we decided on Charley and Henry.  We are so happy with their names - just as all parents are. 

Recently, we were working on cleaning up our basement, organizing it, getting rid of the junk (it is an unfinished basement with lots of potential).  Ed and I have worked hard down there...and right beside us were our little helpers, Chuck and Hank.  To keep them busy I pulled out some large Styrofoam type pieces of garbage and grabbed a handful of golf tees and they got their hammers and went to work.  Charley loved the more real hammering experience.  Give it a try!


Brandi said...

What a cute idea:)

Laura said...

That is a fabulous idea! I would have loved that growing up.

Anonymous said...

Your creativity always amazes me.


Barb said...

Well how fun is that?! Lucky boys you have.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your boys names and they could be no other...then chuck and hank!! RR

Danifred said...

That's an awesome idea.

I think Tot would try to poke Bean in the eye with one of those. This will require close supervision in our house ;)


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