Sunday, March 21, 2010

Packing my boys a lunch!

Now that I am a parent I have moments where I think back to my childhood and wonder why/how my mom chose to do certain things.   How she made her choices and why she made them?

Tonight I turned on the TV and caught Jaime Oliver's Food begins next Friday! So tonight they must be previewing it to get people talking.   LOVE THAT!  It has the potential to ROCK this country to a core! ONLY IF PEOPLE TAKE TIME TO WATCH!

My mom packed our lunches from grade school through high school.   She still packs my dad a lunch.   I did get to pick one day a week for hot lunch in elementary school.  I remember sitting down for lunch as a sophomore with a lunch that looked unlike most of my friends' lunches (they had a pop and bag of pretzels).   My mom always made sure our lunch included a sandwich, some fruit (I remember the baggie of orange pieces that she sliced up), a crunchy something, and a little dessert. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Tonight as I watched Jaime show what goes on in the lunch room of many schools in the USA, I am IN AWE that my mom made this incredibly healthy choice for us that I know helped me be the healthy eater that I am today, when there was an easy lunch ticket option.  And she made our lunches fun with notes and surprises from time to time.  The time and discipline to make 4 lunches EVERY. SINGLE. DAY boggles my mind. I try to make my husband's lunch every once in a while but I fail - ALL TOO OFTEN.

I have a really hard time watching these kinds of things - they overwhelm me. Especially when children, who don't know and don't have the power to make healthier choices for themselves, are involved.

I have always planned to make my boys' lunches when they are school age.   And watching tonight's show just solidified this goal for myself.  Friday night the show premieres! Watch it - give it a chance! I know I will be watching!

And Jaime Oliver ended the show saying something along the lines about helping this community learn to take some ingredients, make some real food, SIT DOWN TOGETHER and break bread.
...making my point about family meal time - real - important.  I hope the mom from last Friday, who thinks obesity comes from making dinnertime social, takes time to watch this show. 

Keeping this short!  Here is a blip about the show.


shellycoulter said...

That show looks really interesting! I look forward to watching it!

Rebecca said...

I'm totally down with this show...I can't wait!

The Mommyologist said...

I am still trying to figure out what I will do about lunch when my son hits kindergarden. He's a horrible eater, so I probably will be forced to pack it everyday!

Shell said...

My mom always packed our lunches. We had NO sugar. None. As in, not even Cheerios b/c they have 1g of sugar per serving.

I try to get my boys to eat healthy and we do pretty good- though I do allow them treats.

Juno Mom said...

I watched the show too and I was in complete awe at how bad things are in schools still. I pack Seena's lunch everyday and stick to the fruit, veggie, sandwich combo too. I hope this show helps to open people's minds. I couldn't believe how the "cooks" didn't see anything wrong. Mind boggling!

Samantha said...

I can't wait to watch it. It's unbelievable!

& my Mom packed our lunch too. Usually a sandwich of some sort, cheese cut up into blocks, and fruit. Much healthier than that disgusting rectangle pizza school cafs serve.

Messy Mommy said...

I never pack Otter's lunch. I probably should, but I probably won't. :)

Anonymous said...

Everyday when Cooper comes home from preschool I ask him what they had for snack that day, and more often than not, I am completely appalled by the answers he gives me! (We sign-up for snack, so what he is eatting is provided by another family.) More often than not, he tells me "Cookies!" WHAT?! Almost every time he takes snack, his teacher takes a moment to tell me how excited the kids were to eat things that they have never had before - cereal bars (dye free and no high fructose corn syrup), flavored rice cakes, string cheese, cut up veggies . . . things that I WANT my kid eatting!

My parents sent me to school with a home-packed lunch everyday, and like you, I am now grateful for their decision to do so (though I think part of it was financially motivated.) I am anxious to combine that practice with another I picked up while teaching . . . I met a mom who packed her little girl's lunch everyday, but went above and beyond to pack her a COLORFUL lunch everyday! Mini ravioli, watermelon cubes, and diced carrots was one of the more memorable meals.

I will have to track down that show and watch it!

shellycoulter said...

Was thinking about this blog today as I packed my hubby's lunch. He usually comes home but had his guitar lesson today over the lunch hour.

It was fun to pack him a lunch. I'm sure it will get old, but right now I look forward to one day packing my kiddos lunches. (although that means they will be going to school and that makes me sad):)

Meghan said...

Ahhhh. I can only hope my children one day look back at something I did for them with the same appreciation.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

I saw the commercials for it. Looks interesting. Its funny because i had already been talking to some moms about school lunches. I asked them what is served at lunch that have older kids.
I have been shocked at what they have said. One said they serve nachos for lunch, nachos are not a main dish and certainly not healthy.


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