Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My boy can SKI!

Here is my first born, Charley, holding his daddy's hand. 

The last three weeks I have seen my husband share one of his passions, downhill skiing, with our first son.  Ed took him one time last year and this year he had three lessons.  Today was his final lesson for the season.

Today, both Ed and Charley hit the slopes wearing ski helmets.  Loved this!  Mid-afternoon my cell phone rang and Ed excitedly explained that Charley was heading up the hill on the chairlift with his class.  I, of course, replied: "You're going too, right?"  And Ed calmly replied, "Nope, he is with his class."  About 20 minutes later my phone rang again and I hesitantly answered, but was ecstatic to hear that he made it down the hill in one piece!

Today, after Henry's nap, I bundled Hank up and we headed to the hill to capture Charley's progress.   I called when I arrived at the hill and Ed explained that they were on the chairlift, could see us, and would ski down to us.  So I grabbed my camera and tried to capture it.  The following video footage is a bunch of runs I caught the best I could.  The first few moments are me responding to seeing him come down for the first time!  I have not spent more than two days on skis....when I was in highschool, on a church ski trip - I can't believe I did it....
I know there is a rush to zooming down that hill...but as a mother to a five year old...watching him come at me on two sticks of wood, wondering if he knows how to stop, if everyone around us realizes he is coming down - HE IS FIVE!  And yet - he did it!  OVER. AND. OVER! Now that is a rush!
He made the run down the hill with his daddy and he smiled!  
And his daddy - He was smiling, glowing, so proud.  I am so happy for both of them.

I brought the boys home and Ed stayed for another hour skiing on his own.  When he got home the boys were in bed and I could tell Ed was exhilerated.  Happy.   Fulfilled!

So here is the footage you have been waiting for mom!  Make sure to show dad! 


Shell said...

Look at that teeny little guy! And he can ski now? Where does the time go?*sniffle*

Am I just not observant? Is your button new? Grabbing it.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i am totally crying for you right now...i am soooo proud of him and he's not even my son or nephew!!! sooooo cute your reaction to him and how proud you are! so amazing to see him DO IT! I really really got a kick out of this one!! sooooooooo amazing to me!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i cried YES I DID!!! i was so excited for him and for you when he came down! no poles or anything? well what do i know...maybe poles make it harder? i've only done it once. i can't believe he is so relaxed and not screaming and that he actually did it. SO SCARY to me to ski, so he's so brave. REALLY GROWING Up. thanks for sharing. i LOVED your reaction. iw ould have been the same way. i felt it! RR

Rebecca said...

That's awesome...he's so blase about it too! So much fun!

Messy Mommy said...

I would be a proud mommy too! That's amazing! I haven't been skiing in YEARS!!! Hoping to go next winter but I don't think we'll take the kids. :)

Ellemes said...

Wow! That is just amazing!

Aunt Sara said...

Go Charley! We'll have to go skiing at Grandma and Grandpa's ski hill next winter. Do they have kid's racing at your hill? I see a future Super G gold medal in the 2022 Olympics. Cool helmet too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah! That is awesome! I can just see that grin on Ed's face. I love it! Tell Charley I thought he looked really cool coming down the hill.



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