Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Thoughts



1. Last night I made 6 homemade pizzas to feed our family and guests last night. We have leftovers tonight...and tomorrow I am pretty sure we are eating pizza...we won't turn into pizza...will we?

2. Our week of spring break was fabulous. I had a little anxiety that Charley would miss his preschool routine...but I AM READY FOR SUMMER! My boys and I were busy all week, spent little money, had time with lots of different friends, and were happy!

3. We all feel good! Knock. on. wood.

4. I need my haircut and my brows waxed BAD.

5. I am thoroughly enjoying my new washer and dryer.

6. Is it really supposed to be close to 70 degrees next week. I. WILL. FREAK. OUT.

7. Henry and Charley love to swing together. For hours. The bummer-Neither knows how to pump.

8. Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution is on tonight! Can't wait! Will you be watching - you should!

9. We will be up at the crack of dawn, travelling north for a first birthday party! Can't wait to see the party girl!

10. The comments people wrote and emailed to me about my "nuk predicament" leave me feeling more at ease. We are going to focus on not using it during the day - only at sleep time...for a few weeks and then attempt to take it away - or have him give it up (ideally but most unlikely).

11. Did I mention that I need a haircut really bad?

12. Next weekend we are changing things up and my family will be coming here for Easter. So unusual to get everyone here on the same weekend. Can't wait!

13. Time for a beer, some leftover pizza...and daddy to come home. He owes me :)

Fo more Friday Fragments or Friday Leftovers....


Ellemes said...

Yay for a healthy happy spring break! Homemade pizza sounds so good...mmmm...

I love first birthday parties! Have fun!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Beer and Pizza? I'll be right over!

Hattie said...

So happy to hear y'all feel better & that y'all had a great spring break! One time on Super Nanny she had this kid take all his pacies and put them in a envelope for the fairy to come and take them away. In return the fairy left the kiddo a surprise gift for the pacies. It seemed to work, but then again it's TV! Just an idea. Beer & pizza sound good! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

The Tompkins Family said...

We got a nice front loading HE washer and dryer as a wedding gift almost 3 years ago and I'm STILL in love with them!!

Danifred said...

Yep, a beer and pizza sound about right. I think I'll save that for tomorrow night when my mom is supposed to visit.

And, I'm totally with you on Spring- bring it on!

jennifer said...

You will be busy preparing for your Easter celebration, but sounds like you are up for it.

I wish I had a piece of pizza... that sounds REALLY good.

Rebecca said...

Please post your recipe for pizza dough...I got nuttin!

Food Revolution!!! Loved it!

Get a haircut!!!

Beth said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

Messy Mommy said...

So excited it's getting nice out! We're going for a walk today!!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey! Welcome to FF. If you want to link up early this week, I'm posting tonight at 9:30pm, central time :)

I made homemade pizza yesterday for the first time in years--it was awesome!!

I love that Food Revolution show, too. You know everyone recognizes those lunch ladies :)

Happy Easter! Have fun with the little ones :)


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