Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A show that makes me smile!

I have heard people talking about the show Modern Family and last week I caught part of that show. But after it came the show The Middle. And since I was puttering on my computer I let it play. I found myself spending less time looking at my computer screen and more time focusing and giggling to what was on TV. If you like parent comedy check out this sketch. I had to play it twice for myself and then I played it for Ed...I think I tried to explain it to a number of is the part that really made me snicker. This episode is titled Yelling and she tried to catch her kids in the act of whining...but as you can see it backfired. HILARIOUS!

This show is on tonight! I plan to watch!


One Take On Life - Heather said...

Yes I have had a lot of people telling me about it. Think I might just have to tivo it:)

Meghan said...

Thank you!!! Modern Family and The Middle are the only two shows I must watch. I cried,I laughed so hard at the "yelling" episode. So glad to have found someone else that gets it!


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