Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grace in Small Things #49

1. All the support with my blog...whether it be friends that chat with me about it, friends and family that have been there from the start commenting and emailing me,  or new friends that visit and leave their footprints. It is a thrill when you stop by! And MckMama even emailed me personally with a reply to an email I wrote her today!

2. A day with my boys...we kicked off the day reading a book about donuts. Ventured to  Choo Choo Bob's Storytime (ran into friends), returned home and Charley and I baked some chocolate cakes /cupcakes that we will decorate soon!

3. Enjoying a glass of chilled white wine as the day comes to close, waiting for my partner in crime to walk through the door. I love summer for the long days of sunshine but I also enjoy when dusk hits and the house is lit with lamps. Cozy!

4. Patience - I have had it lately. Always a good thing!

5. Watching Charley start to bounce and squeal because Henry has woken up from his nap. He is just as excited to see his little brother. I pray each day that their bond continues. It is precious.


Jennifer said...

That was such a great post!! A fantastic reminder why many of us love being mommies!

By the way -- what is this book about donuts that you speak of?! I must know! I must! ;-)

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I would kill for a cupcake right now!


Apples and Butter said...

I am so grateful for the rare times in my life when patience abounds. I can so relate to you on that one!

shellycoulter said...

Much to be thankful for & celebrate! I love recognizing the little things in life that make our lives so great! :)

I love the little apron on your kiddo. I've been thinking of making one for my son. I know how to run the sewing machine...but mostly have just done hemming curtians and such. I did make a Woody Vest for halloween. An apron can't be that hard...right? :) Or maybe I will just buy one. :)


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