Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grace in Small Things #48


1.  Music - Since taking the automatic music off my blog I have forgotten to turn it on from time to time.  I turned it on today and added a new favorite song.  Music makes me happy.  Piano music brings me peace in the evenings, with a glass of wine, while I make dinner.  Kids music puts a hop in all of our feet.  And the song that plays below, Need You Now by Lady A, just makes me happy.                                                                                                                                                     
2.  I took Charley to pick out his Valentines on Sunday.  When he enters Kindergarten I hope to begin a tradition I always required of my students.  Instead of buying the pre-made or in addition to the store bought valentine,  he will write a compliment to each student in his class.  The beauty of watching first graders  or fourth graders open compliments is incredible!  But this year if I can get him to sign his 20 valentines I will be happy.  I am so thrilled that he fell for the Toy Story Valentines...I figured he would pick Star Wars or Transformers...but I am so glad I got one more year of a more innocent valentine.                                                                                                                                                                                           
3.  My Little Napper - I only have one napper these days.  But it amazes me that I have no trouble getting him to climb the stairs, pick out a book, snuggle, and then ask for his bed.  Laying him down he snuggles in and takes a good 2 hour nap -everyday!  Sleep is so important to little ones - it is one of the things that I feel so strongly about.  I am thankful that little ones take the opportunity to dream every afternoon.  Wouldn't we all welcome the opportunity to be tucked in and told to sleep midday?                                                                  
4.  I appreciate that Tuesday was yucky but it turned around on Wednesday and we continue to move through the week smoothly.  It proves to me that each day is a fresh start.

5.  Dinner with the family.  This is something I value as a mother and wife.  I can tell when things are off-- it can be matched up with daddy working late or busy evenings.  When we don't sit down for dinner together it impacts the flow of our family life.  As the boys grow up I can already see the struggle with balancing extra curricular activities and the family meal.  Family dinners will always be a priority in our house.  I appreciate the importance my mom gave dinnertime when I was growing up.  


Kim said...

OH how I love your blog! just stumbled upon you today & added you immediately to my blog roll! I do home child care & can't wait to read more of your ideas! thanks for blogging!!

These Are The Days said...

You have a good playlist. I'll have to spend some time steeling some of your songs. :) I love the title of you true. I also love the snow pics, too cute.

Anonymous said...

you are RIGHT about special. important for kiddos to grow up knowing that this is what you do--come together as a family everday to share a meal and stories and laughs!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Your singular sleeper absolutely amazes me! What a big boy!

I wanted to thank you for turning off your automatic music; I do a lot of bloghopping at work, and I have no control over my computer's volume or speakers... now I can visit more without being "caught"!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Dinner with the family is the best! I love that time.


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