Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the Love of Naps!

We are struggling over here today. It is hard to write about some of the not so good days or moments on here. When do you cross the line and share too much. But I need to vent. This week has been full of whining. Mostly by my five year old but by Tuesday afternoon it is hitting me and I can't seem to push it down and let the sunshine shine through. I am so frustrated.

I wake up every morning thinking today is a fresh start - but five year olds don't get that idea. I wake up thinking how can I organize the day so that it goes smooth and happy. I wake up ready for the day. The boys have been sleeping until 7 lately, which gives me time to wake up and have a few moments to think and take in the day ahead.

This morning when we rolled downstairs, Henry wanted to play Go Fish...so I got out the cards and the three of us played a few rounds. I was pumped - I know when I give them my 100% attention things always go great. But when I stood up to go make breakfast the whining started by 5 year old Charley. Luckily, the heart oatmeal seemed to make him smile. I managed to get them outside. But after that everything out of his mouth was a whine or a stubborn attitude.

I got to have Saturday all to myself and for part of the time I brainstormed and researched fun things to do with the boys. I have a whole long list...and I have even told Charley that I have projects, games, cakes to bake, etc. But yet, he whines. HE. WHINES! And I honestly, CAN'T STAND IT anymore. There is only so much patience that can pour forth of this tired from shoveling body.

I am doing well with the walking away instead of biting and getting into a back and forth crab fest with the kid. And today I figured it out - he needs a nap. He needs to catch up on some sleep. I have this feeling- and usually us moms are right on...but now it is 2 o'clock and if I have him nap now...then bedtime will NEVER happen. He has gotten in a habit of using this head lamp he got for his birthday to read a few books after we put him to bed. Last night he chose to strip out of his pjs and wet his bed...WHAT! ANNOYING! It was NOT an accident. It was a manipulation to get daddy's attention.

Anyways, tonight there will be no more flashlight. He will go to bed timely and tomorrow WILL. BE. A. NEW. DAY.

Because gosh darn it. If it isn't - then there will be a nap time reinstated tomorrow. And it will happen because I am the mom. And I. Know. BEST.


How do you get through the days when your little ones pull you into their funk of a mood?


Anonymous said...

This post reminds me how hard you're job is. Sometimes at work I think about how jealous I am that you are making banana bread with you're boys, or at a train exhibit or folding laundry while I'm frustrated and tired at work. But this reminds me how HARD you're job is. And it reminds me of my maternity leave and how when Eli would cry for no reason and I KNEW he needed a nap (and I DID TOO!) and he wouldn't sleep-I would cry with him. In frustration. I couldn't wait for Andy to come home and SAVE ME in those moments. There is a breaking point. I LOVE Mr. 5 yr old Whiner-to pieces! But I can sense that he is READY for school-organized learning, stimulation where he cannot manipulate and whine excessivly etc. I think there comes a time/age when little boys and girls need something their mom's know (a nap in this case)...but don't go along with it. That makes it hard to be a mom. I don't have any ideas for you-I don't think you can prevent it. I would just do alone time for him during those times where he has to go to his room by himself. If he does naughty things with the sheets and wetting the bed during that time...then he needs to be disciplined in whatever way you and Ed decide upon (if it is intentional tricks he's pulling ). Again-I am reminded so often that being a mom is the HARDEST job ever. RR

Shell said...

Bedtime is early around here, so that helps alot.

When I have those days, I will put my 5 year old in one room, my 3 year old in another, and keep the baby with me(or hopefully, it will be his naptime) and just let them play for a while, away from me and each other. Calms them down and calms me down, too.

Hope tomorrow is better!

The Gardiner Family said...

I eat chocolate!

Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

So sorry to hear about your frustrating day. We are fighting the whinies with my 5 year old too. It's like he knows he is too old for the crying, screaming toddler ways of getting attention and has moved to the much more sophisticated art of whining...ha!
Wish I had a great solution to share with you, but from me for today just a bit of commiseration.
Good Luck on a more cheerful Wednesday!

shellycoulter said...

Your blog caught my eye because of the similar names.

I can relate to those days...know that you are not alone. Hope tomorrow goes smoother.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

I know those days. Since my 5.5 year old hasn't napped in a long time (b/c I like him to go to bed around 7:30pm), I did start a mandatory quiet time in his room looking at books or playing quietly, I started around the age of 5 years. Usually when I was putting my 1 year old down. I have gotten away from it a little bit now. But if I need to I reinstate that rule.
Another tip, put on some tunes and dance out the grumpiness, that always seems to put my troops in a better mood.
Winter is long and hard. Hang in there:)

Hattie said...

Days like that are so hard! When that happens w/ my boys I give them a time out! Every time they whine (yes they are in time out alot)! One minute for each year of their age! I can not stand whining, but they do it all the time!

Or like you said about him being tired try maybe having quiet time. Have him lay down w/ a blanket & pillow on the floor and watch a movie! He might not sleep, but he will get rest!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Meghan said...

I feel your pain. It's so frustrating, especially from a 5-year-old. We have had the same situation going on over here for the past couple of weeks. I blame myself (not enough time outside, too much attention, not enough, hungry, tired, I'm always trying to figure it out), which only makes me feel worse. In a few days, or even tomorrow, he'll be content and happily playing on his own. Hang in there and an hour playing alone in his room does wonders for everyone!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Thanks for all the wise words. We are off to a better start today. I wish you all a Wonderful Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I say make an audio recording of the whining, and play it in the van after you drop him off for day 1 of kindergarten so your tears turn into a little smirk. ;)

Just kidding!



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