Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Score! Another great Birthday Gift....

 This Christmas Henry received the Melissa and Doug Cookie Baking set from his Grandma Charlie (maker of that adorable apron) and Grandpa Ed.  It was a HUGE hit.  Both boys have played with it a TON!


So when it came time to shop Grandma Charlie knew she was going to get him more of these awesome cooking sets.  However, I couldn't resist the cupcake set.  So we got him that one!  It even comes with markers that they can decorate the frosting with...and then wipe off!


 Today in the mail Henry received this ice cream making kit that is spectacular.  With magnets he gets to scoop and present cones of all flavor.


He is also baking up some yummy pizza!


And of course serving birthday cake! Plenty of cake!


He also received the sandwich making kit but he was smiled out by this point!

So all afternoon the two have turned our front room into a restaurant.  And they are serving up spectacular concoctions.  Note the baskets and other tools that my mom gave this Christmas (Team Grandma thinks a like!)

Charley was both a customer and cook.  Here he is putting mustard on his burger.


Ed had to work a little later this evening and walking in the door he could tell I am tuckered out.  We did a lot of playing and thank goodness all this food is pretend...because I started my healthy eating today...did the elliptical for 30 minutes...and am sore from working my muscles.  All good things...but makes for one tired mama!

Thanks Grandma Charlie and Grandpa Ed for such a fun gift!  All of it will be enjoyed immensely.  And if you are skeptical that these toys are worth it...take the chance...I was skeptical and even told my sister not to go this route at Christmas- which proves that sometimes you should just go with what YOU want to give and not what the mom is suggesting!

I wish I had bought stock in Melissa and Doug because this Christmas we have accumulated much of what they sell. Many of these sets were purchased at www.toysandgamesonline.com


Anonymous said...

is that a pet crate that charley is has his burger and fries basket sitting on???? haha. I LOVE how happy and CHEESEY Henry's smile is. RR

Heather said...

I love Melissa and Doug food and other products like their puzzles, they are made so well. We own some of their food and when Maddy turns 2 my mom and sister are already planning to get her more. So fun to see the pure joy on your boys faces:)

Anonymous said...

i have NEVER seen this stuff...but think lily would totally love it! she's very into things with many parts (her teaset, kitchen with pretend food and dishes etc.). maybe a fun spring gift from mommy and daddy for when the baby is born to make her feel special! where did you get them?? haven't seen them at toys r'us.

Sarah said...

Teacher stores have them....Toys R Us carries some...

but I think my mother in law got them here...www.toysandgamesonline.com
They are on sale there for the best price I could find. TJMax often times has Melissa and Doug stuff on sale...Kohls carries some...but I have never seen the food sets there.

Anonymous said...

You can also find them on www.amazon.com
Jamie Trampe


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