Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty time....Mama ain't ready kiddo!

Henry has started showing an interest in the potty....since he aspires to be just like his big brother.  So I reluctantly brought up the potty...partly because I am not ready to deal with this huge step.  It means being home, focusing, accidents, more laundry, kicking myself when I forget to sit him down, and of course the ultimate...public restrooms.  I love diapers for that reason alone!  However, the amount of money we would save if we could potty train at 25 months of age would be incredible.  So he has taken to sitting on the potty from time to time but has not "performed" yet.  UNTIL TODAY!

Yes, folks - It has happened.  And I have no plan...besides M & Ms, which he is totally going for!  Charley came running in from being dropped off from preschool and scooted right into the bathroom.  Henry quickly followed.  Henry sat - so I figured - let's give it some real effort.  Charley hung out in there with him while I ran and got a book.  We both kept telling him to stay on there.  We explained if he went pee he could have one M & M.  He wanted to get off but I kept insisting he stay put.  I did get a peek though and sure enough!  HE WENT!

He got to pick an M & M and then headed straight back to the bathroom.  Insisting he should get another M & M but no such luck at this point.  I guess I am along for the ride...we'll see if he is seriously ready or what...either way....what a high for the morning!  I think I might have to have myself an M & M or 10.


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