Monday, January 25, 2010

"Not Me" Monday


 I was not super excited that the Vikings lost the big game yesterday.....even though I live in Minnesota.  Even though I had many friends psyched for a win. Nope, a dedicated Green Bay Packer fan I am not!  Not me!

Last week I wore jeans when I dropped Charley off at a friends.  I didn't head  home and put on my cozy pants and later pick him up in the cozy pants.  My friend didn't notice that I changed because, "you don't wear jeans all that much."  Nope, I don't own just one pair of jeans that fit me comfortably right now, Not me!

We did not put our boys to bed at 6:50 on Saturday night so we could begin our "date night."

  I do not leave laundry in both the washer and dryer too long.  Causing me to rewash the clothes in the washer from time to time.  And letting things sit in the dryer causes them to wrinkle...I do not then take them and make a mounding pile on our couch...leaving them even more wrinkled.  Which means, my husband would have to iron his work pants and shirts EVERY MORNING.  Nope, that's not me.  I would of course be more on top of the laundry situation in our house so that my husband could sleep an extra 10 minutes.

I do not physically ache when I see life changing before my in these photos.  Nope, seeing my boys grow up is not a big deal to me.  Not, me!



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Nic said...

LOL! You should see the pile of clothes on my couch!! Good thing Bid Daddy is armed with the iron and spray starch!! Cute...Cute...Kiddo's 4 sure!

Anonymous said...

so you have another friend with the same laundry woes..we always seem to forget laundry somewhere. it is annoying to rewash and i TRY to learn from my mistakes..but it always seems to happen one more time.

The Smittys said...

ha! my not me was about my laundry this week too! cute blog!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

you have made me feel normal, i am so glad i am not the only one who lets laundry piled up. i do not fuss at my 9 year old if she does not do laundry every morning and then not fuss at myself for not putting it away


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