Friday, January 22, 2010

Many proud moments this week...

1.  I have consumed water consistently all week.  I have averaged 5-8 glasses a day.  I am almost thirstier than I used to be.  I used to drink one diet coke all day - nothing else.  This is hard. This is good.

2.  I have worked out every day this week in some form...except Tuesday.  I am most proud of the ache I feel from the wii fit and weights I have worked into my routine.  My trick - do them during lunch/dinner prep (while the water boils I bust out a few reps).  Whatever works...right?

3.  Henry went pee on the potty for the first time this week.  Nothing else since then but it was a fun first step.

4.  We also had Henry's second class at his new little school together.  Amazingly, he survived the small separation part again this week.  He did need his nuk for a little bit but he survived.  What makes me so happy ...I can watch him from a one way window.  I can see him but he can't see me.  And when I do reappear he is soooooooooo proud.  He walks taller and has this little attitude that pushes his shoulders back and gives him a bit more strut down the hallway...instead of the distracted toddler dawdle that usually occurs. 

5.  Charley has been enthusiastic about doing a little "mama school" lately.  His adding and writing of numbers are done seriously.  His reading and word work are done slowly.  He created his own snowman, played sight word bingo, and is excited to see what his journal question is.  Henry sits with us and putters in his notebook on his "work." 

6.  Right now I am feeling really balanced with our out of the house fun and our cozy in home fun.  The boys are seeing friends yet are also having plenty of time together and alone.  Both boys have times during the week and day where they entertain themselves or each other.  The balance feels healthy.  I admit that I go in spurts where I over schedule playdates, outings, etc.  When we do slow down I find that we are happier.  

7.  The last two mornings the boys have slept in until after 7 am.  Makes for a little more rushed "get out of the house routine."  But I am not complaining. 

8.  I have cut out cocktails during the week and this has been going great.  I feel like I sleep better...not that one glass of wine has a huge impact.  But tonight with our pizza I am really looking forward to a cold beer.

9. Today the boys were so busy giggling and playing up in Henry's room.  Listening to them is joy.  All of a sudden Charley was crying and all I could hear was Henry repeatedly saying, "Sorry.  Sorry. Sorry Charee."  He threw a flashlight thingy at Charley, and it hit him in the nose.  I am so proud of his instinct to apologize and give a hug.  I explained to Charley that throwing stuffed animals with Henry isn't maybe a smart thing because he doesn't get that a flashlight isn't like a stuffed animal. 

The weeks are busy.
The days fly by.
There are very few moments that drag around here. 
Thankfully we have had some low key weekends to slow us down, give us time to breathe, pause, and take in the moments. 

Did you have a proud moment this week?
What are you filling your weekend with?


Heather said...

Proud moment - Hayden building his very own spaceship equipped with a hiding spot for the lego guy, I love how creative he can be with lego's.

Weekend - nothing exciting - more single mommy life. I might need a day off after this weekend:)

gschneider said...

Cute, Sarah. And I'm super impressed with the aches and water. Keep it up.

Proud Moments: Taught well (I think), got all my grading done (but forgot to hand it back), and took two days off from the pool to get over a small cold. Getting through a tough Friday workout was totally worth it.

Carrie said...

Proud moment- Cooking some new, very yummy meals for my family, which meant less eating out!

Weekend- I have a funeral to go to- a dear friend lost her husband. Kids are going over to their Aunt and Uncles to play while their Daddy and Uncle go hiking. A family dinner with my parents and my brother who is turning 40. Lots of hugs from my munchies.

Sounds like you had really good balance this week... I need to work on the water and watching what I eat. Next week! :)


Anonymous said...

Proud Moment: I made pears from scratch for Eli last night. He will try them this morning. I also bough peaches and nectarines (both fruits I don't eat) to make for him! Also, letting Eli cry a bit more to get him napping and sleeping better has been very hard and Andy and I are very proud of our consistency.
Weekend: Work, and then our first date!! Movie and a dinner. So excited. RR ps I love the story about Henry at his class and being proud.

Sarah said...

Love all your proud moments and looks like good weekends all around!

The Gardiner Family said...

Great job on you water consumption! Very impressive. I am so impressed with MaMa School, I have got to start that! I also so agree with number 6! I love having plans, but I also love to have the quiet time at home. I feel the less scheduled we are the happier we are.

Proud moment of the week: Watching Sophie put Charley down for a nap in the big girl bed. She tucked her in, gave her a drink and read her a story....melted my heart (then I moved Charley to the crib!)

Weekend is quiet, we are all still under the weather and I am appreciating the moments together.

Nic said...

One Diet Coke a Day?!?! Geez..I'm more like 6!! Terrible I know. Way to go on little man peeing in the potty!!

Proud moment for me was making A Honey Bun Cake for the first time and being told it was the best cake they had ever eaten....YES!!


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