Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grace in Small Things #43 - I am surrounded by boys...

1. I appreciate that I am gifted a five year old Star Wars expert who spews random facts at the oddest moments. While clearing his table spot (yes, he does this almost automatically) I was informed: "Did you know Captain Rex has two guns?" No, I did not know this - but now I do.

2. Up until Charley was four...I think we never used the term "dead"....mostly I would refer to those times when the person or item wouldn't be in our family anymore. If Charley or Henry was going to do something unsafe I would say, "Oh, no! That would be sad. He wouldn't be in our family anymore." If some other person in the world was doing something crazy then Charley started saying, "But, mama! Then he wouldn't be in their family anymore." I am breathing deeply. I am coming to terms that I live in a house with three boys who enjoy action packed old fashioned boy play. And even Henry knows how to make something "dead." Does that mean Yoda isn't in his family anymore?

3.  My life's mission is to find small tiny pieces that have been lost during battle...or when little hands, that are kept busy assembling battleships and other brave boy stuff, bump or drop them on the floor.  I pray every time I vacuum that today is not the day that the blue light saber gets zipped up.
Henry's Busy Hands...Busy Boys!

4.  My boys ponder....during lunch today Charley wondered if "there are little guys in things that make them work.  Like, in the phone that makes it call."  Hmmm...little guys...on their minds ALL. THE. TIME.

5.  Daily - I get invitations to:
play with light sabers
play with guys
build obstacle courses with tinker toys
drive cars
play Star Wars
transform transformers
build legos
Invade castles
fight fires
.....and more


Barb said...

WOW! And poor Greg had sisters and no brother to play this type of 'boy' stuff with, so how lucky Henry & Charley are. And in Star Wars, didn't they always get up and move again after they were "dead"?

Raina and Andy said...

I'm pretty sure that I played ALLLLL the boy stuff with Greg-he was lucky to have such a BOY-ISH sister...right down to the haircut! Ha. Seriously-I played He-man and Transformers and watched star wars and BEASTMASTER (HAHA) and The Ewok's Battle for Endor etc.
I'm so happy to have a boy myself!

Sarah said...

ugh! Beastmaster - that was PURE torture!

Carrie said...

I had to laugh out loud by the list of things that your boys ask you to do! My Colin asks me daily to play with his Lego guys, build Legos, play Star Wars... and have Nerf gun wars (look like you've avoided that one so far...)
:) Enjoy the moments.

Rebecca said...

nerf gun wars? Just wait 'til they're teens and beg you to come on out and join the AIR SOFT war! No thank you, I passed on that one. Glad he has graduated to guitars and the gun collection resides under his bed.


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